Resource for WordPress

WordPress is one of the most easy-to-use content management systems (CMS), but you still need some tweaking and basic knowledge before you can get your site up and running. The easy way to get started is with good WordPress resources.

To start with, you can install WordPress easily within your cPanel control panel or ask one of our representatives for a professional installation (with no theme installed).

Next, start customizing your WordPress site with some of these practical web resources.

Install a theme

The first step to customizing your WordPress website is to install a great theme. In addition to the themes WordPress lets you choose from when you initially build your site, you can find thousands of free themes online.

Here are some resources on how to install a WordPress theme:

Now that you understand how to install a theme, you get to do the fun part — choosing a theme. Here is a good resource where you can find thousands of amazing themes:

WordPress Themes

Create a welcome page

Your welcome page is important, as this is the first part of your website people will see. So, it’s a wise idea to take the time to create a custom home page. If you need help creating a home or welcome page, you can get more info here:

Start selling on your site

If you want to do any selling on your WordPress website, you’ll need to make some additional customizations to prepare your site for eCommerce. WooCommerce is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin — and it’s available for free!

Get WooCommerce Here

WooCommerce also makes it easy to sell in multiple languages. Learn how to use WooCommerce Multilingual.

Consult the WordPress Codex

Finally, once you have the bare bones of your site put together and want to learn more about WordPress in general, you can find detailed information about every feature in the WordPress Codex

Using the WordPress Codex, you can learn how to do things like:

For more advice on creating an awesome website, check out 6 Tips and Tricks on How to Make a Great-Looking Website.