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Secured Access

Our email servers are protected by numerous firewalls and use the latest SSL/TLS protocols for an extra secure connexion.

POP and IMAP Connexion

Quickly connect your emails on your preferred mail client with the POP or IMAP protocols.

Online Interface

Access your emails from the web browser of your choice at all times, wherever you are.

Unlimited email addresses in each package.

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Our Web messaging is fast, reliable, secured and extremely functional.

It’s the ideal solution for occasional and experiences users.

Smartermail - Mailbox

An Intuitive Interface

A Webmail interface accessible from all browsers that easily replace Outlook. Fully compatible with mobile and desktop browser.

Smartermail - Calendar

Calendars and Tasks

Simplify your calendar with attendee availability, conference room scheduling and much more.

Smartermail - Contact

Contact Management

Preserve all of your contacts’ important details in one place. Create categories and address lists and more.

Smartermail - Notes

Add Notes

Organize your notes by color and category. Include images, site links and even share them.

Smartermail - File storage

File Storage

Store your files online. Eliminate large file attachments. Files can be shared with or without a password protection.

Smartermail - Task

It’s Only the Beginning

Synchronize your calendars and contacts, add an automatic responder and personalized signatures…

See more functionalities in the frequently asked questions section (with added screenshoot).

More than Just Emails, Work More Efficiently

With our “on demands” options, transform your email hosting into an extension of your business.

Team Workspace - virtual meeting

Team Workspaces

Screen Sharing

Share the full screen, specific applications or even individual browser tabs. Screen sharing allows groups to be even more productive by improving the communication capacity and working together.

Audio and Video Conferencing

An audio/video conference can welcome up to 9 individual participants. They do NOT necessarily need to be a part of your organization. Each user can deactivate their own sound or video if someone enters their office.

Eliminate Third-Party Services

However you decide to use it, Team Workspaces is the ideal place to communicate and replace services like #Slack or Microsoft Teams at a lower cost!

Can be added as an option to your email hosting plan for C$2.50 /month.

MAPI, EWS and EAS (Exchange Active Sync) Connexion

EAS is the industry norm for synchronizing emails with mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android. It offers “Exchange type” functionalities for iOS and Android devices. like the calendars, notes and tasks synchronization, in addition to the possibility to send and receive emails. EAS also works with the Mail and Calendar software in Windows 10.

MAPI is mainly used with Outlook for Windows workstations. It offers a native integration between Outlook and your email hosting, offering users a true Exchange experience. This includes elements such as sharing mail folders, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes, as well as additional Outlook and Exchange functionalities like sharing secondary calendars and contact files, the creation of personal distribution lists, etc.

EWS is very similar to MAPI and was essentially developped as the equivalent of MAPI when using Mac Mail or Microsoft Outlook for Mac. Furthermore, it is the protocol used by eM Client, a popular email client available for macOS and Windows.

Can be added as an option to your email hosting plan for C$3.00 /month per mailbox.

Exchange Active Sync and MAPI

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find the answers to the most popular questions in the frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your question is not there, or if you need more information.

The Webmail Functionalities

Sending and receiving your emails will never have been more pleasant than with our email hosting.

  • Quickly and easily modify the appearance of your emails with the complete HTML editor. Change the background color or your messages or add videos and photos in one click.
  • Create filtering rules to automatically sort emails in certain folders. For example, all invoices could be filed in the “billing” folder.
  • Sort your emails in personalized files.
Smartermail - Webmail interface

The Calendar Functionalities

The robust SmarterMail calendar simplifies the organization of meetings and events thanks to functionalities such as:

  • Availability of participants
  • Conference room planning
  • Different time zones supported
  • Default calendar display (daily, weekly, monthly or all appointments)
  • View beginning and due dates of tasks
  • Specify work hours
  • Delete or modify individual instances for recurring events
  • And more!
Smartermail Calendar

The Contact Management Functionalities

Preserve detailed information for each person you communicate with:

  • Professional and personal contact information
  • Several phone numbers and email addresses per contact
  • Contact categories
  • Global address list supported
  • Keep track of important dates
  • Display pictures supported
  • And more!
Smartermail - contact

The Note Functionalities

Notes are an excellent way of keeping track of elements like shopping lists, website links, task to carry out during a meeting, etc. The notes can be color coded – like when using ” sticky notes” in different colors – to keep similar elements organized and easy-to-find. Thanks to the complete integration of a WYSIWYG editor, the notes can even be personalized, for example by including hyperlinks, by highlighting text, by pasting images, etc. If needed, notes can be shared with other people within an organization, can be categorized and also synchronized with mobile and desktop applications.

Webmail - Notes

The File Storage Functionalities

The file storage intergraded with your email hosting can eliminate bulky attachments and facilitate file sharing: simply download a file in the folder of your choice, then include a link to this file from your electronic message. Users have the possibility of protecting file downloads with a password and limit the duration of the provided links.

File hosting - webmail

The Other Functionalities of the Email Hosting

It does not only consist of reading emails, planning meetings or creating and modifying contacts. There is a number of functionalities available in the Web messaging interface, particularly:

  • Everything is indexed, which means fast and powerful search capacities
  • The follow-up signaling allows you to organize messages by importance
  • Bind tasks directly to emails for greater efficiency
  • The semi-automatic auto-complete addressing facilitates communication
  • Sorting by attachments allows you to see all the attachments you have received
  • Gather different accounts in one single Web messaging interface
  • Connect to third-party storage providers such as Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive
  • Your email hosting suggests Webmail translations in 15 languages and over 100 languages for mailbox migrations, comparable to Microsoft Exchange.
Email hosting - other features

Special Conditions

 Special introductory price valid only for 1st term. Price for product renewal is subject to change.

Only one domain allowed per email hosting.