Privacy Policy

Astral Internet respects your private life by following this code. Our agents will only ask you the strict minimum personal information.

Astral Internet is committed to respecting your privacy.

To ensure that your privacy is respected, Astral Internet has adopted a Personal Information Protection Code. The purpose of this Code is to establish responsible, transparent personal information management practices in all our customer relationships. The Code was drafted in accordance with federal and provincial laws and current industry practices. Your personal information helps us serve you better. Your personal information enables us to better satisfy your needs and tastes, establish a responsible business relationship with you and provide you with continuous service. This information also allows us to study our customers’ habits and preferences so that we can develop and improve our existing products or create new ones.

We do not want to know any more than what is strictly necessary.

We collect only personal information that is strictly needed in order to provide our products and services. The personal information we keep on our subscribers includes all information that we have collected from them. This personal information includes billing files, service and equipment statements, as well as any complaints documented in a file. We do not disclose your personal information to anyone. We do not sell or disclose any personal information on our subscribers to outside organizations, including our affiliated companies. Our agents are also subject to our Personal Information Protection Code, and will not disclose any information about you to anyone without obtaining your explicit prior consent.

We keep information on you only for a limited time.

Astral Internet keeps personal information only for the time it needs to use it, or when required to do so by law. The information is then destroyed, or made anonymous, i.e. reduced to simple statistical data that cannot possibly be linked to you. In all cases, your personal information is never reused for reasons other than those expressed here, except to obtain your explicit prior consent. Information on you is protected against theft and prying eyes. Information on you is kept solely by Astral Internet. It is stored in databases protected by security technologies that are regularly upgraded and subjected to strict control procedures. Astral Internet’s agents have access to these databases only on an ad hoc basis, for specific purposes related to their duties, and they are required to comply with our security procedures and confidentiality rules.

Astral Internet and its agents always ask for your consent before collecting, using or disclosing your personal information, except in certain exceptional situations or when required to do so by law. One example of such a situation is an emergency in which your life, health or safety is likely to be threatened. Other examples are legal situations requiring that we fulfill our legal obligations, collect a debt or comply with a subpoena, warrant or other court order.

We guarantee safe surfing at our Web sites.

Astral Internet offers you a safe surfing environment on its Web site. When you purchase a subscription or carry out any other transaction at our Web site, your personal information is protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology. This encryption guarantees that the connection is established solely between you and Astral Internet, safe from prying eyes. The encryption is indicated by a lock icon in the status bar of your browser. Like most commercial Web sites, Astral Internet Web site use cookies. Cookies serve to identify your computer so that your preferences can be saved for future visits. These cookies cannot in any way be used to access your computer or obtain information other than information you provide voluntarily when you visit the site. Astral Internet do not use the services of another company to observe how our visitors use our Web site. Astral Internet uses its own logistics of statistics of use. These observations do not allow you be personally identified in any way. On the contrary, we use it to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our site in order to make your visits more useful and enjoyable.

You have access to all information about you at all times.

If you so request, Astral Internet can send you, upon presentation of appropriate ID, the list of personal information that it keeps in your file, as well as details on how that information is used. This information will be sent to you in a legible, understandable form, within a reasonable time, and at minimal or no cost. You can also request at any time that your personal information be updated or corrected. You may withdraw your initial consent to the collection and use of your personal information by Astral Internet, subject to legal or contractual restrictions, and provided such withdrawal is reasonable under the circumstances.

We give priority treatment to your comments and complaints.

If you think Astral Internet has not adhered to the principles set forth in its Personal Information Protection Code, you may file a complaint with the Astral Internet officer in charge of enforcing the Code. Astral Internet will investigate all complaints regarding compliance with its Code, and take appropriate measures, including, if necessary, changes to its Code or practices. In all cases, you will be informed of the result of the investigation into your complaint. If after you file a complaint you are not satisfied with Astral Internet’s decision, you may refer the matter to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, 112 Kent Street, Place de Ville, Tower B, 3rd Floor, Ottawa (Ontario), K1A 1H3.

Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service if you wish any further information on our personal information protection practices.

Last Modified : July 1, 2010.