Kolotek - New Infrastructure

The Astral Internet team is very excited to announce a massive investment in our physical infrastructure. This is the biggest investment we made in the company since it’s was founded 15 years ago. All new shared web hosting plans and virtual private servers benefit from the new hardware improvements. Existing clients will be notified about a migration plan.

With our new infrastructure, we can offer our clients more performance and better security.

Performance Benefits

New CPU with faster cores will boost the processing power available on your virtual private server and web hosting plan. More CPU means more speed for your application and website!

Enterprise grade solid state drives (SSD) with blazing fast data access will greatly increase storage read and write speed. These disks cost a lot of money! Disk I/O should not be a bottleneck for your application or website.

Live right now for all existing and new VPS : Gigabit internet connectivity. Your server’s network speed will get a 10x speed improvement. With this much bandwidth, you won’t be a victim of your popularity. 

Security Benefits

This new infrastructure is hosted at Kolotek, a Tier 3 Datacenter. This translates into redundancy for all core equipment and no single point of failure. Our new data center also has PCI DSS and CSAE 3416 (US equivalent SSAE 16) certifications. This means that the physical integrity of your data is safe with us.

We also added a new layer of physical firewall security. This new security option can help protect your application and websites against many kind of common attacks. The internet is a dangerous place, we can help protect you.

Thank you

We’d like to thank all our loyal customers for their support during our 15 first years in business. This is our way of giving back. We are very happy to have this new infrastructure up and running. We really think that everybody is going to like their new web hosting and virtual private server environment!