How to create a great blog in 5 steps

A great blog is the perfect medium to connect with people online. Whether your goal is to bring traffic to your business website or simply share your passion with as many people as possible, blogging is an ideal way to expand your online reach.

The following are 5 things you can do to create a great blog. A must so people will love to read. And have blog that will stand out as unique within the vast blogosphere.

Narrow your blog’s focus.

There are many millions of blogs out there, and according to the blog WPVirtuoso, a new blog is created somewhere in the word every half a second. In order to differentiate your blog from the competition, you need to choose a very specific topic as your blog’s focus

Even if you want to blog about a rather broad topic such as rugby, you can make your blog unique by ensuring that your individual perspective and personality shines through in your posts. The most important thing is that your blog is not generic or too similar to any other blog found online.

Learn how to write great blog posts.

Just about anyone can learn to write great blog posts. However, if you are not familiar with blogging, it will take a little time to familiarize yourself with blogging best practices. Essentially, you want to create posts that are easy and enjoyable to read. Having some knowledge of SEO is also useful. Some general attributes of good blog posts include:

  • Catchy title
  • Short sentences and paragraphs
  • Casual, personable tone
  • Use of bullet points and/or numbered lists
  • At least one image
  • At least 400 words
  • Links to other blog posts and authoritative resources
  • Use of relevant keywords so search engines can find you

For an even deeper view into the anatomy of a great blog post, the infographic How to Write the Perfect Blog Post by social triggers is a good resource.

Update your blog frequently.

Developing a loyal readership for your blog will take time. However, if you update your blog frequently, your blog will build momentum and start to attract attention online.

There is no set frequency for which you must update your blog, but once a week is great. If you can’t update it this often, try to publish a new post at least twice a month.

Promote your blog.

Now that you have some great blog posts, be sure to promote them online. Some places you should publish links to your blog include:

  • The homepage of your website
  • Social media — Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Email updates to your subscribers

You can also encourage people to share your blog posts on social media by including social buttons on each blog post that allow people to “like” your post on Facebook, tweet out your post to their followers, share it on Google +, and so on.

Interact with your readership.

Finally, stay connected with your blog’s readership by encouraging them to leave comments on your blog and responding to the comments people make. Asking your readers questions and encouraging them to contribute will increase the value of your blog and help you build an online community of dedicated readers. You will also foster a sense of loyalty and ownership among your readers.