Unmanaged VPS Servers

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Build Your Unmanaged VPS Server

Choice of platform: Windows or Linux to your taste

Flexibility and efficiency for technology professionals.

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Starting at

CAD $17.49


  • Freedom of choice: Select from several Linux distributions including CentOS, AlmaLinux, Ubuntu, and Debian for extensive customization.
  • Enhanced security: Linux is renowned for its robustness in security, which is essential for servers running critical applications.
  • Optimal performance: Enjoy the lightness of Linux which ensures superior performance even with limited hardware resources.
  • Ideal development environment: Perfect for developers looking to deploy web applications, databases, and server technologies.
  • Full access via SSH: Manage your server flexibly with full root access via SSH.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Generally, Linux licenses are free, thus reducing the operational costs of your server.

Simplicity and compatibility for essential Windows applications

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Starting at

CAD $37.48


  • Compatibility: Ideal for running specific Windows applications such as ASP.NET, IIS, or Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • User-friendly interface: Windows provides a user-friendly interface, making management easier for those accustomed to the Microsoft environment.
  • Remote desktop access: Easily manage your server remotely thanks to native integration of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
  • Extended support for .NET: Benefit from seamless integration with Microsoft technologies including classic ASP and .NET Core.
  • Secure updates: Enjoy regular and secure updates provided by Microsoft, thus ensuring the security and performance of your system.
  • Multimedia support: Windows is often preferred for multimedia applications or those requiring high graphical interaction.

All our unmanaged VPS servers include:

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Local data center

Stay local! Your data is not only secured in our Tier III data center in Montreal but also protected by the strictest security standards ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

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Availability 99.95%

Ensure uninterrupted online presence with our 99.95% uptime. We guarantee constant accessibility to your essential resources.

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The best experts

The best experts at your service. Our specialized technicians are ready to intervene quickly to solve any technical problem, ensuring smooth and efficient management of your unmanaged VPS server.

Need More Specific Solutions?

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Cloud VPS Web Hosting

With resources adjustable on demand, this package is perfect for growing businesses or projects that require more power.

Icône WordPress

Turnkey WordPress Package

Opt for peace of mind with hosting that takes care of everything from security to performance.

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Email Solutions

Unlock your communication potential with a user-friendly interface featuring advanced Exchange functionalities.

Which to choose: Linux VPS server or Windows VPS server?

VPS Server with Linux

Ideal for developers and open-source technology enthusiasts.

Linux is recognized for its flexibility and robustness, making it the preferred choice for servers requiring high customization or specific applications.

  • Freedom of choice: Choose from numerous distributions for perfect adaptation to your needs.
  • Optimized development environment: Excellent for applications requiring technologies such as Docker, Node.js, or databases like MySQL or PostgreSQL.
  • Enhanced security: Enjoy a system known for its stability and security.
  • Full access via SSH: Total control over your server management with root access.
  • Cost efficiency: Lower licensing fees and a vast community for support and updates.

VPS Server with Windows

Perfect for businesses using Microsoft technologies.

A Windows server is ideal if you use Microsoft-specific technologies or need easy integration with products like Microsoft Office or Ms SQL.

  • Maximum compatibility: Seamlessly integrates Microsoft solutions like ASP.NET, .NET Core, and SQL Server.
  • User-friendly interface: Windows offers easy management through its user-friendly interface.
  • Support for advanced technologies: Ideal for applications requiring .NET, IIS, or SharePoint.
  • Remote Desktop Access: Manage your server remotely with an integrated and secure solution.
  • Security and ongoing updates: Benefit from centralized management of security updates by Microsoft.

A wide range of options for your unmanaged VPS server

Fully customize your VPS with à la carte options.

Secure your VPS with an advanced physical firewall

Enjoy enhanced security with a fully managed firewall.

  • Sophisticated intrusion protection: Monitor and analyze data in real time with over 6000 IPS rules.
  • Integrated application firewall (WAF): Strengthen your sites against targeted attacks.
  • Fine port management: Only open essential ports, block the others.
  • DDoS attack defense: Keep your services always available. IP spam blocking: Eliminate nuisances from spamming servers.
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External VPS backup

Automated backup on an external server

With our fully managed backup service, ensure the integrity of your data.

  • Data protection: Automate backups in our Cloud infrastructure.
  • Continuous access to backups: Access your data at any time via a dedicated FTP account.
  • Geographic flexibility: Back up your data in a distinct location for increased security.
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Dedicated customer service for VPS servers

Personalized commitment to your online success

At Astral Internet, we treat each client with particular attention—the kind we would like to receive. In the demanding field of VPS servers, where performance and reliability are critical, our team of highly skilled technicians is key to your success. They combine technical expertise, courtesy, and patience to guide you in managing and optimizing your dedicated VPS server.

We are proud of the trust our clients place in us. Many returns after less satisfying experiences elsewhere, recognizing the value of our personalized approach and technical competence.

Your VPS Project, Our Priority

We are fully dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals. With our team at your side, ensure that your VPS project is supported by experts ready to intervene to ensure its success on the web.

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The return and loyalty of our clients testify to our quality service. Discover how our tailor-made customer service and reliability make all the difference in managing your VPS server.

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Qualified technicians at your service

Meet our team of professionals, specially trained for the challenges associated with VPS servers. They are ready to provide cutting-edge technical support and an approach focused on complete customer satisfaction.

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The advantages of choosing an unmanaged VPS server

Reliability, ecology, and local security

Control panel

Superior performance

Our unmanaged VPS servers offer cutting-edge performance and exceptional stability, ensuring that your applications and websites operate efficiently and without interruption. Enjoy unmatched computing power for all your technical requirements.

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Localized data center in Canada

Benefit from the reliability and speed of a top-tier data center located in the heart of Canada. This center offers optimal connectivity and quick access, ideal for all your VPS needs.

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Environmental Commitment

By choosing our services, you contribute to a greener future. Our data center uses renewable hydroelectric power and exploits Quebec’s cold climate for efficient natural cooling.

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Advanced Security

Protect your data with advanced security solutions including physical firewalls, 24/7 monitoring, and automated backup protocols.

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FAQ: Everything you need to know about VPS servers

Discover the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our private virtual servers.

What is the difference between a managed and unmanaged VPS server?

An unmanaged VPS server gives you total control over the configuration and management of your server, which is ideal for users with advanced technical skills. In contrast, a managed VPS server includes complete technical support from Astral Internet, including update management and security monitoring.

Can I change the operating system after installing my VPS server?

Yes, you have the option to change the operating system after installation. Contact our technical support for personalized assistance, and we will guide you through the process.

What are the advantages of choosing a Linux VPS server?

A Linux VPS server offers great flexibility, extensive customization options, enhanced security, and is often more economical in terms of licensing costs compared to Windows operating systems.

Is it possible to increase the storage capacity of my VPS server?

Absolutely. You can increase the storage capacity of your VPS server at any time. We offer various upgrade options to meet your growing needs.

How do you ensure the security of VPS servers?

We take security very seriously at Astral Internet. Our VPS servers are equipped with advanced firewalls, proactive monitoring, and user-configurable security options to ensure the protection of your data.

Do you offer technical support for unmanaged VPS servers?

Even for our unmanaged VPS servers, we offer technical support for issues related to the underlying infrastructure. However, the daily management and maintenance of the server are the responsibility of the client.

What level of access will I have with an unmanaged VPS server?

You will have full root access to your unmanaged VPS server, giving you total control to install software, perform configurations, and manage security at your discretion.

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