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Hébergement WordPress

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Bid farewell to the worries and apprehensions of updating your site with our reliable WordPress hosting service.


C$39.95 C$ / month

WordPress updates
DNS Anycast
Captcha on all forms
Buffer memory installation (cache)
« Website accelerator » configuration
Firewall activation
SSL installation and maintenance
Optimization of site images
Improved server power
10 mailboxes of 1GB each


C$30.00 C$ / month

25% Discount

C$32.99 upon renewal

WordPress updates
DNS Anycast
Captcha on all forms
Buffer memory installation (cache)
« Website accelerator » configuration
Firewall activation
SSL installation and maintenance
Optimization of site images
Improved server powe
10 mailboxes of 1GB each

Need a Package where you Manage your WordPress Yourself?

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Stress-Free Website with Our WordPress Hosting

With our WordPress hosting plan, you have the expertise of three technicians and two programmers at your disposal.

No More Problematic Updates

Many WordPress site owners have experienced data loss due to plugin or theme updates gone wrong. With our WordPress hosting, those days are behind you.

  • Our updates are carried out by experienced professionals, not automated software. We meticulously verify every detail, something an automated system might overlook.
  • Prior to initiating updates on your website, a complete WordPress hosting backup is created.
  • We meticulously compare your website’s pages before and after the WordPress updates to ensure seamless functionality.
Custom update in WordPress hosting
Increased WordPress security in the web hosting account

Enhanced Security in Your WordPress Hosting

We understand that websites developed on WordPress are more susceptible to attacks. That’s why we’ve implemented additional security measures to protect your website.

  • We ensure that the WordPress site administration remains inaccessible to robots attempting unauthorized access.
  • Each WordPress hosting undergoes real-time verification with the assistance of “Imunify360” to identify potential vulnerabilities in extensions.
  • We integrate a firewall directly into your WordPress site to promptly detect intrusion attempts and secure any vulnerable areas.

Experience Swift Loading Times with Our WordPress Hosting

A speedy website earns recognition from search engines, and that’s precisely what we deliver with our WordPress hosting.

  • We meticulously trim down or remove unnecessary extensions to ensure your website functions flawlessly.
  • Our experts will optimize all the images hosted on your WordPress platform, reducing the site’s overall weight.
  • We’ll streamline and minimize the number of requests required to display your website.
  • You can count on us to install and configure two to three layers of caching, significantly reducing page loading times.
Optimization of your WordPress hosting

Empowering Your Online Presence: Hosting Made Easy

Discover a hosting solution that’s tailored, user-friendly, and budget-friendly. Our dedicated team ensures your WordPress site is in optimal condition, handling updates and maintenance with care.

Rocket icon

Experience a turbocharged website, thanks to our cutting-edge proprietary technology. We’ve engineered a specialized WordPress accelerator for lightning-fast loading times.

Icon of a child holding hands in the air

Leave the hassle of WordPress updates and maintenance to our seasoned experts. We’ll keep your site running smoothly, so you can focus on what matters most.

Umbrella icon

Rest easy knowing your site is shielded by multiple layers of firewalls, safeguarding against any malicious activity. Your valuable information is kept safe and sound.

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Experience the pinnacle of technical support in Canada, delivered promptly and efficiently around the clock. We’re here for you 24/7, ensuring your online venture runs without a hitch.

Elevate Your WordPress Experience with Our Hosting Services

Discover the ultimate solution for your WordPress hosting needs. Our comprehensive package empowers you to fortify, enhance, and regularly update your website with ease, all on a monthly basis.

mise à jour WordPress

Extensions, theme and WordPress updates.

Pare-feu WordPress
Firewall Activation

Implementation of firewalls to block potential threats.

Optimisation WordPress
Image Optimization

Image optimization to speed up website load time.

WordPress Cloudflare

Your site will be fast and accessible everywhere in the world.

Accélération WordPress
Website Acceleration

Installation of a caching extension in the site to speed up the page load time

WordPress sécurisé
SSL Security Certificate

Redirect your visitors to a secure version of your site.

Nowhere else in Canada will you discover a hosting service as expansive and all-encompassing as ours. Place your trust in our team of dedicated Canadian WordPress hosting professionals.

We prioritize meticulous maintenance and vigilant monitoring, ensuring optimal loading speeds, unwavering performance, and impeccable SEO for your WordPress site.

Your Success Starts with Us

Embark on your hosting journey with confidence. Reach out to our team of seasoned Canadian WordPress hosting experts today. We’re eager to provide tailored advice and guide you towards the optimal solution for your project.

Contact our team at: (877) 667-0932

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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find the answers to the most popular questions in the frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your question is not there, or if you need more information.

Why Opt for Our WordPress Hosting Package?

Maintaining a WordPress site can be a daunting task for most site owners. Yet, it’s a crucial step in ensuring the long-term effectiveness and proper functionality of your platform.

Neglecting WordPress maintenance can leave your site susceptible to various types of attacks, putting your platform, data, and content at risk. Additionally, an unoptimized WordPress site can lead to slower loading times, potentially impacting your site’s SEO.

Enter the Astral 360 WordPress package – designed to simplify your life. Our expert team will handle all administrative tasks related to maintaining the various modules and extensions of your site, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Should I notify you when there are updates?

Absolutely not !

With our comprehensive hosting solution, there’s no need for you to send update notifications. We proactively handle regular checks and updates, at least on a monthly basis.

If you happen to receive an email notification about a new update, rest assured. Within the next 30 days, our dedicated team will have already taken care of it, ensuring your site stays up-to-date and secure.

Will my site be faster?

Without a doubt !

Image optimization

The installation and use of a powerful image optimization extension will be carried out.

The extension makes it possible to reduce the size of images by more than 50% without altering their appearance. This will, once again, optimize the speed of loading pages on your site and improve your positioning on search engines.

Buffer memory installation

We install a buffer memory extension (caching) in your site to speed up page load times.

Installing multiple buffers will optimize the speed of your site and maintain or improve its SEO on search engines.

Will my WordPress site be more secure?

Of course!

Relocation of access

The default WordPress administration access page will be moved so that only you can know it. This prevents, among other things, robots from trying to access your site using a hacking method called brute force attack.

Change of main user

Our team also makes sure that the name of the main user is not « admin » and that it is not the first record in the database. Again, for security reasons.

Strong encryption

We are also changing the salting of the WordPress configuration file, which strengthens the security aspect of password encryption.

Captcha installation

We install protection against robots on all forms of the WordPress site (captcha). This is to reduce or completely eliminate the reception of spam caused by the automated submission of your forms.3

Why should I use CloudFlare?

It is best to point the DNS of your domain to CloudFlare. In this way, you will benefit from a CDN (content delivery network) with Anycast. With the Anycast DNS service, your site will be loaded faster in all countries of the world and will be protected against DDoS attacks.2

Your site will be propelled by more than 194 global data centers (including 6 across Canada) with CloudFlare’s CDN (Content Delivery Network), known for its speed and reliability. You will then benefit free of charge from the advantages and reliability offered by the Anycast DNS network :

  • Faster loading of your site and pages.
  • More efficient site, in all countries around the world.
  • Excellent protection against DDoS attacks.

What type of firewall will be used?

Your site will be protected behind three firewalls (three layers of security) and an intrusion detection system designed to stop hackers before it is too late.

This system analyzes any action carried out on the site in real time. For example, when a file is uploaded or simply when you type the site’s address in the browser search bar. So, as soon as a malicious attempt is detected, it is blocked before even reaching your site.

We are therefore implementing a physical firewall and two software firewalls to block potential threats and ensure the security of your WordPress site.

  • A physical firewall with rules created specifically for WordPress sites.
  • Two software firewalls: A firewall against brute force attack attempts and optimized safety rules for WordPress sites (CloudFlare).

Unbeatable Satisfaction Rate!

More than 73% of our clientele has been referred by other clients or are former clients who come back to request our services after a short period of absence.

Special Conditions

 The price is based on a 3-year subscription. Shorter subscription periods are available in the shopping cart. Renewal at regular price. Price for product renewal is subject to change.

  1. One website allowed per hosting. No parked domains allocated.
  2. Up to 3 websites allowed per hosting. Unlimited number of parked domains. This package cannot be used for hosting reselling. The websites must be owned by a unique owner.
  3. The term unlimited applies to normal use for a small business, see our Terms of service for more information.
  4. One free domain is available only for a prepaid Business package of a period of at least one year. The domain is free as long as it is the main domain on the Business plan. Only TLD domains with the following extensions .com, .net and .org are available for this promotion.