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How do we contribute?

In our office, we strive for a fully paperless environment, refraining from unnecessary document printing, responsibly recycling outdated hardware, and promoting alternative commuting methods such as walking or the use of public transportation. Additionally, we advocate for remote work arrangements when circumstances permit, thereby minimizing unnecessary travel.

Our data center, in collaboration with Hydro-Québec renewable energy, is committed to maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing environmental impacts. To achieve this, we harness the frigid Canadian winter air through innovative cooling systems. By leveraging this abundant natural resource, we significantly reduce our ecological footprint. This, combined with our cutting-edge compressor technology in our chillers, ensures that we not only deliver a sustainable solution but also maintain exceptional levels of performance, scalability, and uptime.

What is green hosting?

Green web hosting encompasses service providers committed to conscious environmental action through the adoption of sustainable practices. In Québec, our advantageous climate, characterized by long winters and moderate summers, facilitates the cost-effective maintenance of optimal server temperatures. The naturally cool Canadian environment further aids in cooling our infrastructure, resulting in reduced power demand and lowered operational costs. The synergy of free cooling and advanced compressor technology in our chillers allows our data center to significantly minimize water consumption.

Furthermore, nearly 100% of the energy supplied by our local utility, Hydro-Québec, is derived from hydroelectric sources. This form of energy is not only cost-effective and abundant but also remarkably clean, with greenhouse gas emissions that are 50 times lower than those of natural gas, approximately equal to wind power, and five times lower than solar power.

Website polution, really ?

Unveiling the Environmental Impact of the Internet

In recent years, the escalating demand for web services has led to a substantial surge in energy consumption.

The internet has emerged as one of the most rapidly expanding sectors contributing to carbon pollution. According to the CEET, it now constitutes 1.5% to 2% of the world’s total energy usage. This translates to an annual carbon output equivalent to that of Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Mongolia combined.

Green Hosting with pollution

But where does that pollution come from?

Green Hosting - The problem

At the heart of the internet infrastructure lie expansive data centers. In 2012, the global count stood at 500,000; today, this number has surged to over 8 million, marking a remarkable 16-fold increase in just seven years. These data centers can host tens of thousands of servers operating around the clock, consuming substantial amounts of energy. To sustain their operations, servers demand a continuous supply of electricity, generating considerable heat and necessitating extensive cooling systems to maintain optimal temperatures. This demand often leads to the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and gas.

40% of all the energy used to power the internet is used to keep servers from overheating.

Data centers account for 2% of the world’s carbon emissions, which is equivalent to the airline industry.

Data center pollution is expected to grow to 14% of the world’s carbon emissions, which equals that of the United States of America, by 2040.

Web Neutral Project founder Jack Amend calculates that powering the average website produces 4,500 pounds of CO2 a year, equivalent to driving the average new car for more than 10,000 miles.

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