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Canadian Web Hosting with World Class Customer Service

Astral Internet prides itself on having the highest customer satisfaction rating in the web hosting industry. More than 73% of our clientele has been referred by other clients or are former clients who come back to request our services after a short period of absence.

Satisfaction Guarantee!

We are so confident in our products, services and the superior quality of our customer service that we offer every new customer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Emergency Support at All Times!

Our emergency technical support operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So you can be confident if a situation arises and requires our emergency response.

The Best Experts

Our team is made up of top experts in the field of web hosting and cloud solutions. All your problems will be resolved when you get in touch with our experts.

Canadian Web Hosting
Without Compromise

A Canadian hosting service that actively participates in the development of new innovative technologies to provide our customers with the most secure and fast Cloud environment for all.

Shared hosting server room

Optimized Tools for Website Creation

Spend more time developing your projects and dreams with our range of products and services specially designed to make your life easier.


Website Deployment

Open box | Deployment of websites

With over 320 different scripts that can be installed in just a few clicks, deploying a new website, whether it’s a store with OpenCart, a blog with WordPress or even a bulletin board with phpBB has never been done so easily.


WordPress Web Hosting

WordPress logo | Turnkey package | WordPress Hosting

Put an end to the hassle of maintaining a WordPress site, it’s time to enjoy a 5-star experience. Our experts will take care of securing, optimizing, and updating your site on a regular basis.


Canada 5-Star Support

Star logo | 5-star support and service

Our mission is to give you the best support and service available in the Canadian web hosting industry. To get there, we won’t hesitate to go the extra mile to make all the difference.


Website Transfer

Moving trolley | Website transfer

A website transfer can be a complex task. Let our team of experts take care of this delicate task, our great expertise with website transfers allows us to proceed without impact for your customers.

Flexible Canadian Web Hosting Plans for All Needs

Whether you need hosting for a new site or a large-scale solution, we’ve got you covered.

fast web hosting

Website Hosting

For sites of all kinds

starting at

C$3.89  /month

canada vps hosting

Virtual Server (VPS)

Customized virtual server

starting at

C$22.74  /month

Canada Cloud Hosting

WordPress Hosting

No more hassle

starting at

C$30.00  /month

Foolproof Infrastructure

We have our own Cloud infrastructure distributed in two green data centers in Canada (in Quebec more precisely). All our equipment is doubled to ensure stable and reliable service, even when a breakage occurs. All traffic entering our servers is filtered in real time by powerful firewalls.

This allows us to guarantee a 99.9% uptime availability of services.

Two persons looking at a website | Canada web hosting
One person looking at a website | Canada website hosting

More Speed and Efficiency

We are constantly working on new ways to improve the load average of all websites. We’ve even created a one-of-a-kind website accelerator that can improve web page loading speed up to 100x faster.

All our shared hosting plans benefit from this technology free of charge.

We are Ready to Assist You

Contact one of our Canadian web hosting experts today. We will be happy to advise you on the best available solution for your project.

Contact our team at: (877) 667-0932

Best Canadian customer service | Astral Internet

Unbeatable Satisfaction Rate!

More than 73% of our clientele has been referred by other clients or are former clients who come back to request our services after a short period of absence.

See what our Clients are Saying About Us

Our high quality service has always been our number 1 pride since our very beginnings. Here is what some of our clients think of us.

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Stéphane Gagné | Anekdotes | Website hosting on cPanel and ASP.NET

An Exceptional Product from Quebec.

We can always trust Astral Internet for an exceptional product quality and an outstanding customer service. Reliable and safe servers, great customer service and technical support, make Astral Internet our chosen partner to handle the hosting and domain names management of our clients.

STÉPHANE GAGNÉ, General Manager
Transparent background | About Astral Internet page
Bruno Buisine | Simard Suspensions | Website hosting on cPanel

An Outstanding Customer Service!

After multiple researches, we’ve decided to migrate our web site to Astral Internet. We are very satisfied to have found a Canadian web hosting company that corresponds to our vision of the industry by placing the customer first.

BRUNO BUISINE, marketing coordinator
Transparent background | About Astral Internet page
Martine Savaria | Vivessens | Canada Web Hosting

Thank you for Lightening my Daily Life

I have been self-employed for 5 years and have dealt with several webhosting company in Canada since my beginnings. Astral internet is by far the best company when it comes to website hosting and customer service.

Transparent background | About Astral Internet page
Steve Dion | Webtek | Virtual Server and Website Hosting

High Quality Service

Because of the quality of the equipment used to offer their services but especially for the quality of their customer service which is always very fast and very efficient.

STEVE DION, Président de Webtek Gestion T.I.


Transparent background | About Astral Internet page
Jérémie Fraser | Kryzalid | Website hosting

The Ideal Partner!

Astral Internet is the ideal partner for a Quebec-based Web agency such as Kryzalid Communication. We entrust them with the management of our Web site hosting infrastructure and service quality has always been flawless.

JÉRÉMIE FRASER, Director of strategic development and partner
Transparent background | About Astral Internet page
David Joly | Fête Nationale du Québec | VPS virtual server

Customer Centric Approach.

Astral Internet is the partner we were looking for. By providing us with the equipment and bandwidth needed to face the traffic spikes that we get in very short time periods, they were able to make the Fête Nationale site a success.

Transparent background | About Astral Internet page
Yann Brissette | Project New Home | VPS Hosting

An Incredible Price/Quality Ratio for my Hosting.

We are proud to have centralized everything related to web hosting, virtual server and domain names a company in Canada. Because they have been able to meet our needs with an unmatched quality/service/price ratio in the market.

Transparent background | About Astral Internet page
Tony Grenier | Frabrik-Art | Website hosting in Canada

Impeccable Service!

Astral Internet, our preferred hoster in Canada, meets our web hosting needs for over one hundred websites created by our company. We are proud of and satisfied with this partner, who has offered fast and impeccable service to us for all these years.

M. TONY GRENIER, chief web designer
Transparent background | About Astral Internet page
Annie-Eve Gratton | Bedonzen | Website hosting in Canada

Just a Quick Word to say Thank You.

As a starting PME, it’s extremely important to know that you are being supported. I’m very happy to be hosted with you, a Canada based company, for my website. It’s a great start for our future collaboration!


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