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Cheap hosting package for your personal projects

C$3.89 / month

35% Discount

C$5.99 upon renewal

Standard performance
1 website 1
100 Go disk space
Unlimited web traffic 3
ECO Email all inclusive
10 databases
Standard avantages


Powerful but affordable WordPress hosting package

C$6.49 / month

35% Discount

C$9.99 upon renewal

PLUS performance
Several websites  2
Unlimited disk space 3
Unlimited web traffic 3
PLUS Email all inclusive
25 databases
Standard avantages

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What you Need to host your Canadian Website

Getting a website online is not always easy, which is why we have this short guide to explain the steps for getting started with your Canadian web hosting.

Control with cPanel - Advantage Canada

Control your Hosting with cPanel

All our Canadian hosting plans come with a cPanel control panel! You can manage your web hosting by yourself.

Place Your Website on Our Canadian Hosting Servers

It is time to get your site online. Whether you need WordPress hosting or a custom site, it can be done in a few clicks.

Enjoy the Advantages of Web Hosting in Canada

Using our Canada web hosting SSD servers gives you several advantages. Your website will be closer to your visitors. This equals faster website load time!

Find a Name for Your Web Hosting

The first step is to come up with a catchy website name that will capture the attention of future visitors.

Choose Your Domain Name

Once your web hosting name is found, you need to purchase a unique domain name. I suggest a name that is short and easy to remember.

Selecting Your SSD Web Hosting

SSD web hosting is the space online where your website will reside. It is also the place where you will create email addresses.

How to Choose your Canadian Web Hosting

The cost of website hosting will vary depending on several criteria. Basically, the more visitors a website has, the higher the hosting cost is likely to be.

We generally recommend that you start low and increase your website hosting plan as your site grows.

Shared hosting - putting a website online

The Safety of Your Website Comes First

No risk to take, we have several levels of security that ensure maximum protection for your website.

User and shield icon

Mod Security

Blocks malicious requests that affect popular tools like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Brick wall icon

Fortinet Physical Firewall

Filters all data center traffic to mitigate DDOS attacks and protect you against viruses.

Umbrella icon

CSF firewall

Protection in the server that protects against intrusions and blocks attempts to hack your passwords.

Wrench icon

Hacked website?

Our professional webmaster service is available 24/7 to quickly clean up a compromised account.

Compare our Web Hosting Plans

Need more technical information about our hosting plans? Here is a detailed comparison between our different packages.

3.89 C$ /month
6.49 C$ /month
9.34 C$ /month
41.99 C$ /month
30-day money back
Unlimited disk space
100 GB of disk space
Unlimited traffic
Domain aliases
Addon Domains
300+ free php scripts
MySQL/MariaDB databases
Free SSL certificate
Memory (RAM)
1 GB
2 GB
3 GB
6 GB
Read / Write (IO)
2 Mb/s
4 Mb/s
8 Mb/s
12 Mb/s
Entry processes
Simultaneous processes
Number of inodes
150 000
250 000
350 000
1 000 000
Website Accelerator (WSA)
Email accounts
Hourly email limit
Antispam and antivirus level 1
Antispam and antivirus level 2
Deluxe anti-spam
Regular price
Regular price
Regular price
Regular price
Distribution list
Unlimited email forwarding
Secure connection
MX configuration
Compatible with Google G-Suite
Compatible with Exchange server
SPF protection
DKIM protection
Storage capacity
1 GB
5 GB
15 GB
30 GB
Physical firewall
Software firewall
Protection against injections
Brute Force Protection
Compatible with SSL security certificates
Full access log
24/7 server monitoring
Automatic backups
Protected environment
cPanel control panel
1-click Softaculous installation
Unlimited FTP accounts
Unlimited subdomains
File Explorer
Detailed statistics
SSH access (command line)
Custom error pages
Automated tasks (cron)
Version manager (git)
DNS management
Database management (phpMyAdmin)
SSL security certificate management
API access for remote management
External SSL installation
Multiple versions of PHP
.htaccess configuration
GD and ImageMagick graphic library
Over 300 in all
High availability
Super fast SSD
Hosted in Canada
Green data center
Electrical redundancy
24/7 online support
Server monitoring
Satisfaction guaranteed 30 days
Uptime guaranteed 99.9%

Why Choose Astral Internet for your Website Hosting?

Astral Internet specializes in website hosting in Canada.

Nowhere else in Canada will you find such a broad and comprehensive service as ours. Trust the professionals for your Canadian website hosting, trust us.

cPanel blue logo | Canada SSD web hosting

cPanel Control Panel

The world’s most popular control panel is brought to you for free.

Website Protection | Best SSD Canadian Hosting

Website Protection

Protection against hacking, DDOS attacks and brute force attacks.

Mouse pointer click | SSD Web Hosting

1-Click Software

Install over 320 scripts, including WordPress and Joomla, in 1-click.

Blue 7-O-clock | SSD Garanteed Availabillity

99.9% Guaranteed Availability

Our infrastructure provides an online service availability rate of 99.9%.

Warranty certificate | Hosting with SSD Warranty

30 Day Warranty

If you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of use, we will refund your money.

SSD Hosting Trophy | Best Canada web experts

The Best Experts

All your problems will be resolved when you get in touch with our experts.

Secure, Stable and Fast Web Hosting Services

Our Canadian webhosting cloud infrastructure provides fast, stable and secure web hosting for your website. Our servers are built with SSD drives to provide fast data access. You can focus on your objectives while we take care of your webhosting.

Our reputation goes beyond Canadian borders. Over the years, we have carved out a “leader” position in web hosting through the quality of our customer service, the knowledge and skills of all our agents, as well as the professionalism each of our clients is served with.

We are Ready to Assist You

Contact one of our Canadian web hosting experts today. We will be happy to advise you on the best available solution for your project.

Contact our team at: (877) 667-0932

Best Canadian customer service | Astral Internet

Astral Internet: Web Hosting in Canada
Some questions and answers!

You will find the answers to the most popular questions in the frequently asked questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your question is not there, or if you need more information.

What is SSD web hosting?

Web hosting is a placeholder for your website on one of our servers. Servers stay online at all times, ensuring your website is accessible 24 hours a day. A web hosting package usually plays 2 roles:

The first; hosting is used to store all the files for your website. Whether they are images, .PDF files, videos, text, scripts, etc.

The second; it also hosts the necessary platform for the operation of your mailboxes. All emails you receive will be temporarily stored in your hosting plan until your devices access it to retrieve a copy.

I already have a domain name; do I need web hosting?

A domain name simply represents an address on the internet. This address is used to access web content, to send e-mails to the right recipient, to access other services … The domain name alone does not serve much purpose. (Except to prevent a competitor from registering this domain and using it) It should normally point to a web hosting service.

Our technicians are available if you are having difficulties and need assistance to direct your domain name to your web hosting.

Which SSD web hosting package should I choose?

Several factors can influence the ideal hosting package for your site. Some sites, like those using a WordPress platform, may contain many modules. These modules can sometimes be very demanding for hosting in terms of required resources. So, two different websites working with WordPress and having the same amount of traffic may need different packages. In general, here are the guidelines to help you choose a hosting product:

ECO web hosting package:

This basic package can be used by most websites. This web hosting package can be chosen if you do not need SSL / TLS security certificate and if you only use one domain name.

PLUS web hosting package:

This package offers more power than the ECO package and allows the installation of an SSL / TLS security certificate. This is the ideal choice if you want to secure your website, but also if you intend to use more than one domain name on your web hosting.

PRO web hosting package:

The PRO package is our most popular hosting package! It contains the resources necessary to run most of the complex web sites, having a lot of traffic, or requiring more resources than the average. Plus, get a free basic SSL / TLS security certificate!

BUSINESS web hosting package:

The most powerful of all our web hosting packages. This package is perfect for sites with very large volume, very complex and / or specialized content.

With this package, we even offer a free domain name (as long as you keep hosting active) and a basic SSL / TLS security certificate for the first year.

Do I need an SSL / TLS security certificate for my web hosting?

SSL / TLS security certificates are used to encrypt the information exchanged between your website (our server) and your client (his computer). In theory, when a person is asked to enter information on your website (form, member section, online store, etc.), you should have a security certificate.

The certificate is also used to increase the reputation / credibility of your site in search engines such as Google. Search engines have recently started to rank websites with an SSL / TLS security certificate configured in the hosting.

Since July 1, 2018, all sites with no SSL / TLS certificate is identified as “unsafe” in most web browsers.

Why should I host my website with Astral Internet?

We offer robust and fast Canadian web hosting. Our experts are constantly improving the architecture so that we always remain at the cutting edge of technology, ensuring the best value for your money in the Canadian market.

Unlike many players in the Canadian web hosting industry, we have our own high quality, carefully installed and configured equipment in some of the most trusted and secure data centers in Canada (tier III).

Our team has a great expertise in website hosting, especially for sites running WordPress, Joomla and several other types of CMS. At Astral Internet, you have the possibility to install in your hosting more than 300 free scripts in just a few clicks. Starting an online business with Open Cart, Prestashop or, Magento has never been easier.

Choose only what you need to start. Our web hosting packages will evolve with you when the need does. Start with our smallest ECO package and as your resource needs grow, your package will keep up. It is possible to upgrade your plan and pay only the prorated difference.

I already have a website; will it work on your web hosting servers?

Yes, our servers are compatible with almost all types of websites.

Several PHP versions are available in all our Linux servers (versions 4.4 up to the most recent). If your website is currently hosted on servers using other types of technology such as ASP, we also have the equipment necessary to run sites using these technologies specific to Microsoft. (ASP, .NET, MSSQL and Access).

Why Host your Website with us?

  • We offer you the cream of the crop web hosting in Canada so that you can manage your website effectively whether it is powered by WordPress, Joomla or any other platform. Above all, our web servers located in Canada have been optimized for all types of web hosting, from the simplest to the most complex and advanced.
  • Our technical support team is located in Canada, near the city of Montreal.
  • We have a redundant infrastructure located near Montreal, Canada uses SSDs. With these SSDs, access to your data is fast and your website will benefit from the extra speed.
  • Our Canadian know-how is at your disposal so that your websites and your domain can shine online.

Unbeatable Satisfaction Rate!

More than 73% of our clientele has been referred by other clients or are former clients who come back to request our services after a short period of absence.

Why Host your Website in Canada?

  • Astral Internet is proud to be a Canadian web hosting leader in the world of website. Choosing us for your website is:
  • Choosing a courteous, professional service available 24/7 with our technical team located 100% in Canada.
  • Knowing that your website will be hosted on high quality servers outperforming most other hosts.
  • Being able to take advantage of a double layer of firewall (a physical firewall and a software firewall on the web hosting servers) to protect your site and your domain.
  • Choosing speed! We constantly optimize our equipment to make them amazingly fast so that your visitors don't have to wait on your website.

Special Conditions

 The price is based on a 3-year subscription. Shorter subscription periods are available in the shopping cart. Renewal at regular price. Price for product renewal is subject to change.

  1. One website allowed per hosting. No parked domains allocated.
  2. Up to 3 websites allowed per hosting. Unlimited number of parked domains. This package cannot be used for hosting reselling. The websites must be owned by a unique owner.
  3. The term unlimited applies to normal use for a small business, see our Terms of service for more information.
  4. One free domain is available only for a prepaid Business package of a period of at least one year. The domain is free as long as it is the main domain on the Business plan. Only TLD domains with the following extensions .com, .net and .org are available for this promotion.