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Since 2001, Astral Internet’s mission has been to provide reliable, fast and secure hosting solutions.


A Word from the President

Nowadays, impeccable customer service is crucial to a company’s health.

Astral Internet’s staff endeavours to be mindful of its customers’ needs, offer a superior level of professionalism, while offering services adapted to and customised for everyone.

Our staff does not hesitate, whenever possible, to think out of the box to meet a request out of their usual sphere of activity.

Through the years, it is with this perspective that Astral Internet has been able to become a ‘leader’ in the Web hosting industry, and that is how we intend to continue to serve you in the future.

Martin Blanchette

Martin Blanchette | President of Astral Internet | Web hosting and VPS

Our Story

Astral Internet was founded in 2001. From its earliest days, the mission has always been the same. To become the most recognized web hosting company in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and everywhere throughout the Francophonie.

To differentiate itself from the competition, Astral Internet has focused on the quality of customer service. By giving good advice with a smile and an exceptional service, Astral Internet has managed to maintain its high standards.

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Our high quality service has always been our number 1 pride since our very beginnings. Here is what some of our clients think of us.

We are Ready to Assist You

Contact one of our Canadian web hosting experts today. We will be happy to advise you on the best available solution for your project.

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Our Network Maps

Our network strategy focuses on the strength of the service exchange agreements and planned redundancy.

By connecting only to Internet network operators, network access points (NAP), and hundreds of service exchange partners throughout the world, Astral Internet offers exceptional performance that other suppliers find difficult to match.

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A Scalable and Redundant Network

Our future proof and redundant network is connected upstream to that of major suppliers and hundreds of channel exchange partners, which ensures constant connection and superior routing.

The result: first rate Internet connectivity. Your sites' availability is 99.9% guaranteed, without any cut-off point or loss of data packets.

The Strategy

Astral Internet's innovative network strategy focuses on the strength of the service exchange agreements and planned redundancy.

By connecting only to Internet network operators, network access points (NAP), and hundreds of service exchange partners throughout the world, Astral Internet offers exceptional performance that other suppliers find difficult to match.

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Some of our Suppliers

The best in the industry, our highly qualified engineers, as well as the monitoring station staff are always on the leading edge of technology, optimizing performance 24/7.