Protect your Visitors with an SSL Certificate

Protects user privacy

Better position in search engines

Increased user confidence

Helps make the web safe

SSL Installation and Maintenance

Encrypting data using an SSL / TLS certificate can both improve your site’s search engine ranking (SEO) and protect your customers’ confidential information.

SSL installation and maintenance

C$59.00 / year

SSL issuance and installation performed by our team.
Integration of the certificate in the programming of your site.
Creation of redirection of HTTP traffic to HTTPS.
Bi-monthly compliance check.
Reinstallation and adjustment as needed.

TLS / SSL Certificate for Virtual Server (VPS) and Web Hosting Canada

The certificate is used to encrypt the data sent by the Web server in order to protect its confidentiality.


A website with an SSL certificate is an indicator of a trusted site.


The data exchanged between you and your visitors will remain confidential.


Protect confidential information received on the forms of your site.


Sites with an SSL certificate score better than those without.

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View the Complete List of SSL Certificates

Do you have a different or very specific need? Browse the full list of the different certificates we offer, categorized by the following 3 popular brands:

GeoTrust Certificates

GeoTrust stands out for having SSL certificates for all types of sites. Whether you have a small site or an online store, you will surely find what you are looking for. Their certificates also give you liability insurance starting at $ 5,000. Quick to issue and easy to install, GeoTrust certificates, an essential choice!

Geotrust SSL Certificate
Comodo SSL certificate

Comodo Certificates

Comodo offers you a wide range of SSL certificates, all with insurance that starts at $ 10,000. These certificates are also quick to obtain and easy to install. They are also intended for all types of sites, large or small.

Symantec Certificates

Symantec SSL Certificates are ideal for large businesses or for those with very specific needs. They offer as a bonus with all their certificates, daily protection against malware. You will also get a “Norton” seal of protection for your site. Liability insurance starts at $ 1,000,000. Yes, this is serious business for serious businesses!

Symantec SSL Certificate