Challenge - article writing

Technical information is a subject that fascinates you? Do you want to write blogs on topics that inspire you? Manifest, this mission is for you!

Astral Internet is embarking on a new project and is addressing the large community of web experts.

This new initiative aims to feed our blog and our various social networks, and that is why we are launching a call to you, dear community of experts of the web.

To participate in this new project, you need to be interested and motivated to write blogs in a specific area that you probably know well, this is the field of computer and more specifically that of our company: web hosting.

Use your technical knowledge in computer science to write blogs on various themes combining programming, web hosting, domain name, etc. But it is especially the opportunity to write articles on topics that inspire you and that please you, while remaining in the theme that we want to address!

We invite you to discover below the objectives to be achieved by your productions, but also examples of themes, the target, or even and of course the benefits that await you …

First, what is the purpose of these articles?

These blog articles aim to meet several objectives that can be gathered around a common goal: to deliver interesting, clear and precise information to Internet user who is searching for it. The article in question would then be the long-awaited answer by the surfer … Of course, the article also has the function of informing the public in an interesting way about a subject.
To answer this, nothing better than to offer the reader quality information which he will not find elsewhere on the web.

The second objective that you can help us achieve through your contribution is gaining visibility on the web through SEO. And for that, we will thank you greatly!

And in which topics do these blog articles fit?

We are looking to publish blog posts in the field of server configuration. The topics of the blog articles are vast, the general theme server installation (software). Suggest a topic and we’ll tell you what we think. However, to give you a sense of what we are looking for here are some examples of topics that could be covered:

– The installation of Varnich / Nginx in Ubuntu 16.04
– The configuration of a Minecraft server in Ubuntu
– How to install Apache, MySQL and PHP in CentOs
– How to install AWX (Ansible)

The guidelines

To be relevant and of high quality, these articles must of course not be copy-paste, but a unique content. Regarding the length of production, we would like a minimum of 400 words. It’s even better if the article has images.

You are free to propose us what you wish!

What are the benefits as a writer?

All work deserves a salary!

As a writer, and especially as an Astral Internet contributor, we offer you the following compensation: each article written and accepted will be bought for $ 30 to $ 40 CAD before it is released. We will proceed to the payment through PayPal.

It’s up to you! Do not hesitate to send us a message if you have any inquiries.

We are looking forward to collaborating with you!