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Time plays a huge role in a user’s online experience. Nobody really likes to wait. So, the faster a page can load, the better! Many experts agree that there’s a strong correlation between the quality of internet connection and a website speed.

Why is having fast internet important for businesses? how can one optimize websites loading speed? These are the questions that we will attempt to answer through this article.

Why does internet speed matter?

The power and performance of internet speed in business is crucial as it conditions your internet experience day after day. As you know, frustration becomes deeper when the pages take time to load, or when network keeps on disconnecting frequently.

To remedy this situation, it is better to sign up for a high-speed internet plan and to switch to an efficient technology such as hybrid fiber coaxial. Among several Internet providers that our employees have used in these recent years, it is Bravo Telecom which has been able to offer the best customer service, a reliable connection and very competitive prices.

How can you speed up your website?

If despite the change of package, you still notice loading problems with your website, we suggest you these recommendations:

Get the necessary budget for website hosting

This solution is very useful for small businesses and large companies. By having a good budget for website hosting, you will have the opportunity to benefit from a dedicated server and not a shared server. The dedicated server grant access to only one client. It is recommended by experts in order to save money, secure data and reduce the loading time of a website.

Enabling Resource Caching

These are static resources that do not change when you access to different pages on your website, like images and styling. By activating this parameter, you will be able to streamline navigation and increase the page speed. Some solutions, like our website accelerator (WSA) allow you to enable caching of resources without the need to modify your website.

Reduce Page Weight

The weight of your pages depends mainly on your company and your sector of activity. It generally includes the files used to create it: images, scripts, HTML code, style sheets, etc. To reduce it, Google recommends not to exceed 500 KB.

Reduce Your Website’s HTTP Requests

  • Optimize your images online. Make sure that the images displayed are the right size, have the right format and are compressed for the web.
  • Reduce the size of the videos. Reduce the weight of the videos: remove the audio track if it is optional and choose the right format: MP4 is the best video format.
  • Delete unused JavaScript / CSS code.Cclick on the “Instrument Coverage” option in Google Chrome developer tools to manually delete part of the CSS and JavaScript files that are not used by the page.

So, these are our tips to optimize websites loading speed.

If in the context of your project, you need more specific advices, or professional services, do not hesitate to contact us. With 19 years of experience in the market, our experts will be happy to help you.