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Do you remember the last time you were badly served? I do! Whether in a store, in a restaurant or by phone, I prefer to be served with efficiency, speed and empathy. Like myself,

89% of consumers say they’ve stopped doing business with a company after receiving a bad customer service experience.

According to a Rightnow Customer Experience Impact Report study

No, I’m not exaggerating. I believe that all our clients deserve VIP service, especially when talking about web hosting. When you place your site in our hands, you trust in us to take good care of it. We know that it may be difficult to trust a new web hoster. Especially if the previous hoster dodged your calls, redirects you to a call center, or left your site down for too long.

At Astral Internet, your business is also ours. Let me explain you why.

The Customer is Always Right

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Some will disagree with me. But here the customer is king. I insist on this because if your site is down or your emails don’t work, it’s your company that will deal with the consequences. Lost sales, unhappy customers, a sullied reputation; can happen fast.

To respond quickly to your emergencies, we have several means of contact such as telephone, email, online chat, and ticket.

Tickets are open 24h a day and have a priority system. So, outside our opening hours, you can still reach us with an urgent ticket. Imagine the alarm that would announce the end of the world; well, that’s the one we use to notify us of the ticket! It is impossible to miss, even in the middle of the night.

Your Site Reflects Us

Your website is a reflection of our services. Is it fast? Is it functional? Yes! Because your site is hosted on our servers. This shows the quality of our products and the value of our resources. We make sure to have plenty of space on our servers, along with all kinds of safeguards to protect your entire site.

Among these protections, we have:

  • Two physical Fortinet firewalls that filter all the traffic from the data center.
  • A virtual firewall that prevents intrusions.
  • Mod Security rules which block malicious requests.
  • Two software’s for detecting malicious scripts.

We have invested thousands of dollars in our infrastructure to protect you and enhance the performance of your websites. We also offer a Deluxe spam filter and useful tool to clean your site hassle-free. In my opinion, better be safe than sorry!

I assure you that our team is dedicated to make your hosting environment optimal. We spend all our free time preventing incidents and developing new tools. For example, we are constantly improving the interface of our client portal to make is simple to use and easy to understand. We develop plugins like WSA, which does add a deep level of caching and makes your site even faster.

We get our hands dirty to make sure everything is functional under the hood! Do you know of other web hosts who do the same? Hard to say!

Our Team is Your Team

When you use our products and services, it a sign of trust in our team. Rest assured, we are doing what is necessary to ensure that our team consist of the best experts. With our knowledge of web hosting, we are able to do several feats, like:

  • Modify WordPress sites with our eyes closed.
  • Set up a hosting server in less than half a day.
  • Clean up a website after an attack.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Our teamwork is essential for the well-being of our customers. Not to mention that we have the best job in the world, supporting you in your projects and your future! Without you, our work would not be so rewarding.

There to Answer your Questions

Receiving good customer service is never too much to ask! You will only receive our 110%, nothing less! To prove it, just take a look at our customers’ reviews on Google. Over 73% of them come from referrals of other clients or are former clients who return to request our services after a short period of absence.

You deserve the best customer service, and personally I have never seen better service than Astral Internet’s.