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The performance of a Nginx server on cPanel servers: now a breeze!

Nginx can provide a big performance boost for almost any website, especially when maximizing its caching functions. The integration of such a solution can, however, bring great challenges on a cPanel server.

Our Website Accelerator (WSA) for cPanel allows you to take advantage of Nginx performance without worrying about all the configuration.

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How can a simple plugin make all my sites faster?

By harvesting Nginx caching capability and adapting it to the cPanel environment we manage to create a server wide cPanel compatible caching server.

Traditional caching method will only accelerate static content like images or style. In comparison, our cPanel Nginx caching module can also cache dynamic content. The caching mechanism will also take full advantage of the “Stale” property when a cache page is expired. Nginx will serve the expired page while preparing a fresh version in the background, therefore making sure every page gets a fast load time.

Default setting will only enable Gzip compression and browser expired dates for statics content, thus making every site compatible with the plugin. Each of the preconfigured settings were carefully though to prevent session problem. We tested our setting with many CMS like WordPress, Woo-commerce, OpenCart, Joomla, and many others.

User-friendly setting in the cPanel interface to help each customer easily boost the speed of their sites, a custumer can easily select and options like “I modify my site once a day” and the module will does rest.

Advanced settings available in the cPanel interface to customize caching on each separate domain.

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  • Nginx cPanel, cPanel Advanced settings
  • Nginx cPanel, cPanel Simple settings

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Terribly fast! Need proof?

When something seems too good to be true, it often is. Therefore, we’ve made two identical WordPress sites so you can compare them.

A benchmark test ran with the “Siege” software showed that simply placing Nginx in front of cPanel Apache increase the amount of page the site could serve by 137% (test was made on a WordPress site with around 25 plugins installed).

Add website caching directly in Nginx. Each site can then be tweaked for optimal caching. We’ve used our previous experience acquired with other caching systems like Varnish and transposed our knowledge into simple to use options directly into the client cPanel. While simply activating the cache in cPanel accounts of a server, we’ve managed to get an increase in performance of 204% on the amount of request the site could serve.

We’ve placed online two copies of the same WordPress site. One with the Nginx cPanel (WSA) module activated and one without, so you can compare on live scenarios.

Why would I need the Website Accelerator?

The cPanel Website Accelerator plugin is a great way to optimize your server performance. Well configured, the Website Accelerator will free up resource usage of MySQL and Apache, leaving more resources for websites.

It improves performance!

It is no secret that vanilla installation of Nginx is more powerful and faster than Apache. By using the Nginx in front of cPanel stock Apache servers, all your hosted sites will benefit a performance boost.

When activating the caching ability available in the module, you will be able to offer a major speed improvement to all websites hosted on your server.

It makes you sell more!

The Website Accelerator for cPanel can be activated per package. You can add the Website Accelerator in some or all packages using the feature manager in the WHM interface.

You will have a new card in your sleeve to up-sell your clients on your premium package.

It will not break any site!

Many cPanel Nginx add-ons we’ve tested will break some sites; we’ve worked hard to make sure the installation will not cause any problem to sites hosted on your server. We’ve tested the Website Accelerator (WSA) on more than 3 000 sites with the stock setting to provide a maximum compatibility with existing sites and CMS.

Technical support service is available at all times through your client portal.

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In order to install the module, you need to have a server with CentOs or CloudLinux 6 or 7 and a valid cPanel installation.

The module can be installed with a single shell command line. You’ll need to connect with the server root access and run the following command to start the installation script. (more detail information about the installation can be found here)


wget && sh wsa-install stable

Once the installation process is done, your 60-day free trial will start immediately.

Like every caching system, the possibility to empty the cache is a must. Ideally if a site could control the cache purging itself, this would make things even simpler. With this in mind, we’ve developed a plugin for WordPress for clearing the cache of a site automatically when a page is modified. A class in PHP which can be integrated into any sites has also been created.

WordPress logo

WordPress Plugin

The “Cache purge for Website Accelerator” plugin will purge the server cache memory every time a page or article is modified, to prevent old pages from being displayed.

Visit the page
PHP logo

PHP class

We’ve placed an open source PHP class on GitHub allowing any developer to quickly include the server cache purging method into their code.

Visit the page

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Simplicity and speed

The installation of the module is carried out with a single command line per SSH. As soon as the module is installed, your server will benefit from all the advantages of our Website Accelerator module.

100% Configurable

The module is fully configurable from the WHM GUI and can be activated from the "features" of cPanel plans. A graphical interface is also available for each of the cPanel accounts, allowing a granular configuration for each domain and subdomain.


The module has been verified with several thousand websites to ensure maximum compatibility. In all of our test scenarios, no websites have experienced problems after installing the module.

Website Accelerator - WSA

The best Nginx server designed for cPanel

  • Valid license for one server
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Graphical administrator interface in WHM
  • Graphical user interface in cPanel
  • Module updates included

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It’s time to take the cPanel servers a step further.

With our cPanel plugin, websites will immediately get a performance increase.

Easy Installation

Only one line to install all the required files and modules in the server.

Advanced Caching

We’ve pushed the Nginx caching to the next level, allowing separate setting for every website and accounts.

HTTP2 Ready

When the module is activated, all secure sites are served with the HTTP2 protocol.

Activation per Package

The cPanel menu can be enabled or disabled per package, allowing up-selling for different packages.

Easy User Interface

All aspects of the plugin can be modified directly in the WHM interface or in the cPanel interface.

cPanel Friendly

The module uses only the provided cPanel API hooks to prevent the module from breaking during cPanel upgrades.


Where can I find the documentation for the module?

The complete documentation of the module is available at the following address:

What happens after the free trial?

Once the trial period expires, the module will deactivate itself and disable Nginx. The default Apache configuration will be restored, and websites will continue to work.

Will sites with HTTPS (SLL/TLS) still work?

Yes, the module will automatically update the Nginx configuration every time a certificate will be installed or modified.

Will HTTP/3 or QUIC be available with the cPanel Website Accelerator?

As soon as Nginx release a stable version with HTTP/3, we will work hard on making it compatible with our module.