Denial of service attack: How to protect yourself

DDoS Protection For Your Website

So what is the dreaded DDoS? A Distributed Denial of Service attack usually starts with hackers infecting thousands or even millions of unprotected servers and personal computers and turning them into zombies or bots. All these botted computers combine to create a massive network or botnet of compromised computers that will do whatever the hacker, sometimes called a bot herder, asks them to.

Good internet research

Tips and Tricks to Search Online

Virtually everyone knows how to use a search engine like Google or Safari to scour the web for information on their computer or mobile phone. But finding the exact information you want, quickly and easily, takes some skills. Keep reading to learn how to find whatever — or whoever— you want online in just a few taps or clicks.


What Is a “WHOIS” and How to Protect Your Personal Contact Info

Valid WHOIS information is also needed to conduct a domain name transfer. Additionally, it is used by law enforcement for criminal investigations, by the public to determine when a domain has expired, by anyone who wants to contact the domain name owner. With this information, we can determine the owner of a domain name, its contact person in the event of a problem (the domain name administrative contact), and the technical contact administering the domain name.