Google mobile compatibility update

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update: FAQs

In April 2015, Google launched the “mobile-friendly update” to its search engine ranking algorithm. Now, how your website renders on mobile devices can affect your search engine rankings. But what does this update actually mean for your website? We answer your questions below.

How website security affects your search ranking

How does your website security affect your ranking

Google said in its announcement that they had begun taking into account whether sites use secure, encrypted connections as a signal in their search ranking algorithms. Hence, website security has become a so-called “search signal”— something that improves a website’s search engine rankings.

The SPAM legislation

The SPAM legislation

Effective on July 1st 2014, a new law comes into effect. This law aims to combat spams, phishing and reduce the transmission of junk mail. This new law C-28 will result in many changes to achieve your mass mailings. In this article we provide you some tips that will help you comply with the new law.