Cloud VPS Hosting

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Discover our cloud reseller hosting solution, the bridge between traditional hosting and dedicated VPS.

Master the power and flexibility without ever losing sight of simplicity.

Starting at

CAD $53.99

/month 1

Easy Management and Configuration

  • cPanel Control Panel: Access and manage your websites easily through cPanel’s intuitive interface.
  • Simplified WordPress Management: Install, configure, and maintain your WordPress sites effortlessly.
  • One-Click Application Installer: Quickly install popular applications with Softaculous.
  • Create Your Own Packages: Customize and sell hosting packages based on your clients’ needs.
  • White Label Interface: Offer our services under your brand transparently.

Full Programming Support

  • Support for Multiple Languages: Host sites requiring various technologies such as PHP (multiple versions), Python, Perl, and NodeJS (ReactJS, Angular, Nuxt, etc.).
  • SSH and GIT Access: Control and manage your source code efficiently with full access to SSH and GIT.

Security and Performance

  • Real-Time Cyber Attack Protection with Imunify360: Secure your sites against online threats with proactive protection.
  • Free SSL Certificate: Secure your site connections and improve your SEO with a free SSL certificate.
  • Dedicated IP address: Boost your credibility and improve the performance of your sites with your IP address.

Additional Features

  • MySQL or MariaDB Databases: Use the most efficient and popular databases for your applications.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts: Allow your clients to create unlimited email accounts under their own domain.
  • Website Builder: Easily create beautiful websites with a drag-and-drop site builder.

Discover the Key Benefits of Our Cloud VPS Hosting

Flexibility, Security, and Performance at Your Command

Control panel

Resource Flexibility

With our cloud reseller hosting, take full control of your resources. Easily adjust the number of processors and the amount of memory according to your requirements and redistribute them according to your ongoing projects, ensuring optimal and efficient use.

Cloud high technology icon

Advanced Technology

Benefit from the latest technology with CloudLinux for unmatched stability, cPanel for simplified management, Imunify360 for foolproof security, Softaculous for one-click installations, and our own accelerator to boost your performance.

Hand and gear icon

Complete Server Management

Enjoy a fully managed service. We take care of all technical aspects from maintenance to security to updates. Focus on your business while we keep watch.

Shield icon

24/7 Monitoring and Security

Adjust your resources instantly without downtime. Whether you need more power during a marketing campaign or fewer resources after a peak activity, adjust your settings in real time with zero interruption.

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Instant Scalability

Adjust your resources instantly without downtime. Whether you need more power during a marketing campaign or fewer resources after a peak activity, adjust your settings in real time with zero interruption.

Dollar icon and bar chart

Our pricing model ensures total transparency. Pay only for what you use with no hidden fees and adjust your usage as your needs evolve.

Need More Specific Solutions?

Computer server icon

Dedicated VPS Hosting

Discover the power and flexibility of our dedicated VPS servers.

Icône WordPress

Turnkey WordPress Package

Opt for peace of mind with hosting that takes care of everything from security to performance.

Email logo

Email Solutions

Unlock your communication potential with a user-friendly interface featuring advanced Exchange functionalities.

Ease Your Transition to Cloud VPS Hosting

Worry-free migration with full support and no service interruption

Take Your Business to the Next Level

If you are currently using our enterprise hosting, transitioning to our cloud reseller hosting opens the door to endless possibilities for customization and resource management. Enjoy increased flexibility and optimal performance with our technical support guiding you free of charge at every step. We guarantee a smooth migration with no downtime so that your activity continues without interruption.

Elevate Your Business with Cloud Reseller
Full control with a cloud reseller plan

Maximize your potential with more control

For those already operating under a traditional reseller model, moving to our cloud reseller plan means a significant improvement in terms of flexibility and resource management. You will have the opportunity to adjust resources according to demand, thus offering a better experience to your clients. Just like for our enterprise hosting clients, we offer a fully supported and free migration service, ensuring a smooth transition without impacting the availability of your services.

Advanced Security for Your Websites: A Top Priority

Advanced Shielding: Protect your online presence.

Logo protection pare-feu

Physical Fortinet Firewall: Enterprise-grade security

All traffic passing through our data center is filtered by the physical Fortinet firewall, a robust measure that mitigates DDOS attack risks and protects against viruses, ensuring unparalleled peace of mind.

Hacked website icon

Immediate Assistance in Case of Hacking

If your site is compromised, our team of professional webmasters is available 24/7 to act quickly and restore the integrity of your account.

Advanced protection icon

Enhanced Protection with ModSecurity

Our servers are equipped with ModSecurity, an application firewall that actively blocks malicious requests targeting popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, thus enhancing the security of your websites.

Shield, secure update

Imunify360 Firewall: Advanced Server Protection

Each server benefits from enhanced protection thanks to Imunify360, which offers multi-layered security. This system detects and blocks intrusion attempts and attacks, effectively protecting your data and passwords.

Frequently Asked Questions About VPS Cloud Hosting

Find clear answers to your most common questions

What is cloud VPS hosting?

Cloud reseller hosting allows you to manage and allocate server resources (such as memory and processor) flexibly. Unlike traditional shared hosting, you can adjust these resources according to your needs, offering more control and efficiency.

Is it possible to have administrator access to the server?

Restricted Access for Optimal Management: Administrator (root) access is not available on our Cloud VPS servers, as they are fully managed by our qualified technicians. This measure ensures optimal performance and continuous availability of your sites, while maintaining the security and stability of the server.

How can I adjust my server’s resources?

You can adjust the resources directly from your client area. This operation can be performed in real time without requiring a server restart, thus ensuring zero interruption.

What are the advantages of choosing cloud reseller hosting at Astral Internet?

Our cloud reseller hosting offers maximum flexibility, enhanced security, simplified management via cPanel, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure the performance and stability of your services.

How is security managed in cloud VPS hosting?

We use a combination of Imunify360 for proactive monitoring against cyberattacks and a physical Fortinet firewall to strengthen security at the entrance of our network. This double layer of protection ensures real-time security of our clients’ data, offering a robust defense against external and internal threats.

What support is available for cloud VPS hosting clients?

We offer 24/7 technical support via support tickets to answer all your questions and address any issues, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Can I easily migrate from traditional hosting to cloud VPS hosting?

Yes, we offer a free migration service that ensures a smooth transition from your current hosting to our cloud solution, without any service interruption.

Are there contracts or minimum commitments?

We offer flexible options with monthly, semi-annual, annual, biennial, and triennial contracts, giving you the freedom to choose the commitment duration that best suits you.

Special Conditions

1: Base Price
  • You start with 1 cPanel account.
  • 2 processors (vCPU).
  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • 20 GB of disk space.

These capacities represent the minimum resources; it is not possible to reduce these limits.

You can increase the number of cPanel accounts, disk space, processors, and RAM on an à la carte basis via your client area.

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