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You no longer have to worry about your site updates with Astral 360 - WordPress

Rigorous maintenance and periodic updates are essential to ensure the safety of your Wordpress site and optimize its speed and performance.

Choose our WordPress hosting offer and enjoy the advantages of quality maintenance at a competitive price.



Up to 15x faster



Turnkey hosting for your WordPress



Updates by professionals

  • Speed


    Up to 15x faster

  • Simplicity


    Turnkey hosting for your WordPress

  • Security


    Updates by professionals

Wordpress optimization

A suitable, simple and affordable solution

Our all-inclusive package allows you to secure, optimize and update your WordPress site on a monthly basis.

  • WordPress updates made by our experts.
  • Optimization of images and general performance.
  • Addition of several firewalls for hackers detection.
  • Website acceleration with our proprietary technology.

Services included with the purchase of the Astral 360 package

Find out in more detail, the tasks that will be performed by our team, when you subscribe to the Astral 360 - Wordpress package


Extensions, theme and WordPress updates.

Firewall Activation

Implementation of firewalls to block potential threats.

Image optimization

Image optimization to speed up Website load time.


Your site will be fast and accessible everywhere in the world.

Website acceleration

Installation of a caching extension in the site to speed up the page load time

SSL Security Certificate

Redirect your visitors to a secure version of your site.

FREE: Evaluation of your Wordpress site after 6 months of service.

Assessment of the site's performance using several tools, then delivery of a detailed report including various recommendations.4

Tasks performed on a monthly basis

Tasks performed on a monthly basis

WordPress updates !

Once a month, one of our technicians will enter the administration of your WordPress site and will perform the various updates.

If an update cannot be completed, our professional assistance service will be offered to you to find a solution to the problematic update.

« Our mission: reduce your workload and increase the performance of your site. »

Our packages

We make your life easier, at a competitive price !

Wordpress 360 packages

It's with the aim of always offering you the best solutions at the best price that our team has implemented the Astral 360 - Wordpress package.

Summary: Astral 360 is: quality maintenance and attentive support that help to guarantee an optimum loading speed, ensure continuous performance and the proper referencing of your WordPress site.

Monthly billing

Try this plan on a monthly basis and see for yourself all the benefits you will receive.

  • Wordpress updates
  • DNS Anycast
  • Captcha on all forms
  • Buffer memory installation (cache)
  • « Website accelerator » configuration
  • Firewall activation
  • SSL installation and maintenance
  • Optimization of site images
  • Improved server power
  • 10 mailboxes of 1GB each
1 month

Annual billing

Save up to 25% of the monthly cost when you choose an annual subscription.

  • Wordpress updates
  • DNS Anycast
  • Captcha on all forms
  • Buffer memory installation (cache)
  • « Website accelerator » configuration
  • Firewall activation
  • SSL installation and maintenance
  • Optimization of site images
  • Improved server power
  • 10 mailboxes of 1GB each
1 year Discount : 25%

Need a package where you manage your WordPress yourself ?

See our regular hosting packages

« With Astral 360 - Wordpress, buy peace of mind for your Wordpress. »

Questions you may have :

Why do I need the Astral 360 - WordPress package?

Punctual maintenance of a WordPress site represents difficult and even painful procedures for the majority of site owners. However, these procedures are essential to ensure the effectiveness and proper functioning of your platform in the long term.

Neglecting the maintenance of your Wordpress can have concrete impacts on your site and make it vulnerable to different types of attacks.

In addition to exposing your platform, data and content, a WordPress site that is not optimized becomes heavier and slower to open. As a result, the SEO of the site could be affected.

This is precisely where the Astral 360 - Wordpress package comes in and makes your life easier. Indeed, our qualified team will perform all administrative tasks related to the maintenance of the various modules and extensions of your site so that you do not have to do it.

Should I notify you when there are updates ?

Absolutely not !

No need to notify us. As your hosting is turnkey, we take care of checking and updating at the very least. In the event that you receive an email notification regarding a new update to be made, no need to notify us, because you know that in the next 30 days at most, this update will have been carried out by our team.

Will my site be faster ?

Without a doubt !

Image optimization

The installation and use of a powerful image optimization extension will be carried out.

The extension makes it possible to reduce the size of images by more than 50% without altering their appearance. This will, once again, optimize the speed of loading pages on your site and improve your positioning on search engines.

Buffer memory installation

We install a buffer memory extension (caching) in your site to speed up page load times.

Installing multiple buffers will optimize the speed of your site and maintain or improve its SEO on search engines.

Will my WordPress site be more secure ?

Of course !

Relocation of access

The default WordPress administration access page will be moved so that only you can know it. This prevents, among other things, that robots can try to access your site using a hacking method called brute force attack.

Change of main user

Our team also makes sure that the name of the main user is not « admin » and that it is not the first record in the database. Again, for security reasons.

Strong encryption

We are also changing the salting of the WordPress configuration file, which strengthens the security aspect of password encryption.

Captcha installation

We install protection against robots on all forms of the WordPress site (captcha). This is to reduce or completely eliminate the receipt of spam caused by the automated submission of your forms.3

Why should I use CloudFlare ?

It is best to point the DNS of your domain to CloudFlare. In this way, you will benefit from a CDN (content delivery network) with Anycast. With the Anycast DNS service, your site will be loaded faster in all countries of the world and will be protected against DDoS attacks.2

Your site will be propulsed by more than 194 global data centers (including 6 across Canada) with CloudFlare's CDN (Content Delivery Network), known for its speed and reliability. You will then benefit free of charge from the advantages and reliability offered by the Anycast DNS network :

  • Faster loading of your site and pages.
  • More efficient site, in all countries around the world.
  • Excellent protection against DDoS attacks.
What type of firewall will be used ?

Your site will be protected behind three firewalls (three layers of security) and an exploit detection system designed to stop hackers before it is too late.

This system analyzes all the actions carried out on the site in real time. For example, when a file is uploaded or simply when you type the site address in the browser's search bar. So, as soon as a malicious attempt is detected, it is blocked before even reaching your site.

We are therefore implementing a physical firewall and two software firewalls in order to block potential threats and ensure the security of your WordPress site.

  • A physical firewall with rules created specifically for WordPress sites.
  • Two software firewalls: A firewall against brute force attack attempts and optimized security rules for WordPress sites (CloudFlare).
What if I have other questions ?

Why not chat with us ?

  • By phone at 1-877-667-0932
  • In writing via the page « Contact us »
Special conditions

Special introductory pricing valid for the first year term only. Product renewal pricing subject to change. Products will automatically renew until cancelled. You may turn off the auto-renewal feature by visiting your Astral Internet client portal.

  1. UPDATE: Updates that may affect the appearance or functionality of the site will not be made. At that time, our professional assistance service (charged at our hourly rate) will be offered to you in order to find a solution for the extension or the incompatible module.
  2. CLOUDFLARE: The service is offered if however Astral Internet has access to your domain name in order to change the name servers.
  3. CAPTCHA: The installation of captcha is offered if the WordPress theme or the global environment allow it. No captcha will be installed where additional programming time deemed excessive is necessary. In this case, additional fees may be requested in order to proceed with the installation.
  4. An evaluation of the performance of your site will be provided to you on request AND only after 6 months of continuous service on the Astral 360 - Wordpress package. Any performance appraisal requested before 6 months of continuous service completed or after the free appraisal will be billed at a cost of $ 170.00 CAD each.

Additional specifications :

  • The Astral 360 - WordPress package and all work associated with it are only offered on the main installation of WordPress associated with the primary domain of the hosting account. This does not cover multi-site WordPress installations, multiple WordPress installations in the same hosting account, or WordPress installations associated with secondary domains or subdomains.
  • You agree that Astral Internet can create and maintain administrator access to your WordPress installation at any time and can install all the necessary tools in order to be able to properly manage the work related to regular maintenance of your site.
  • If you detect an unusual anomaly in the functioning of your site and you believe that it could have been caused following the application of updates within the framework of the regular maintenance carried out by Astral Internet, you must immediately inform Astral Internet by opening a technical assistance ticket. In most cases, a complete restoration of the account may be carried out provided that the notice is sent to us within a maximum of 7 days, following the day of the punctual maintenance carried out. Once the account is restored, we will analyze it to determine the source of the anomaly. We will notify you of the result and we will suggest suitable solutions. In the event that the anomaly was prior to our maintenance or if it was not caused by it, costs equivalent to $ 85.00 CAD per hour will be charged for our intervention.
  • During updates as part of regular maintenance by Astral Internet, if a bug is identified in one or more extensions / modules, Astral Internet will contact you in order to offer you suitable solutions to correct the problem. If however the proposals are rejected, the extensions / modules will be ignored for any future update or intervention. Note that not fixing a bug can cause significant performance and security degradation.
  • Generous resources are included in your Astral 360 - WordPress package. Use up to 3 processors, 3 gigabytes of RAM, 250,000 file allocation units (inodes) and unlimited SSD storage for files related to your website. Unlimited storage cannot be applied for e-mails.
  • Storage space for email is limited to 1 gigabyte per box. A maximum of 10 boxes is offered with the Astral 360 - WordPress package. If more boxes or more space is required, an optional second hosting package dedicated only to mailboxes will be required.