Web security services

Our web security services help protect your websites and emails.

Deluxe Anti Spam and Virus deluxe

Do you get more spam than emails? Are you tired of hunting down all that spam? We can help.

Spam Protection

Astral Internet spam and virus protection is a great solution to keep your inbox clean and secure.

Phishing protection

This email gateway level protection can protect your email inbox against people trying to gain your confidential information.

Reliable solutions

Automatic upgrades and robust email protection means that you can spend time growing your business without having to waste time with boring and repetitive tasks

Deluxe Anti Spam and Virus deluxe

Get rid of spam and viruses

  • Can be used with an external server
  • Relay to any email server
  • Anti-Spam accuracy: 99 %
  • Protects up to 100 email accounts
  • Automatic filters
  • Updates every 15 minutes
  • Includes protection against spam and virus
  • False positive is less than one in a million
  • Symantec Global Intelligence Network
  • Billed on a domain basis

C$8.00 /month


Sitelock Protection

Don't let hackers take control of your online presence. Prevent service interruption using Sitelock protection.

Using Sitelock, you get a complete website protection that scans your website, searches for vulnerabilities and automatically fixes problems. Protect your website and keep your customers' trust by being proactive about your website security.

Malware & Vulnerability Scanning

Fast and efficient malware diagnostic.

On demand support

A team of experts dedicated to the health of your website. We're always ready to repair any infections, bugs, or any problems related to website security.

Black list verification

Daily verification of your website health to prevent your business from showing up on Google blacklist and to save your business's reputation.

Website vulnerability identification

Advanced security flaws detection that can find vulnerabilities such as SQL injections and backdoors in your website.

SiteLock 'Trust Seal' on your site

Let your visitors know that your website and business is secure and can be trusted with the 'Trust Seal' from SiteLock.

Sitelock Protection

Say goodbye to infections of all kinds

This package is ideal to protect all types of dynamic websites built with a CMS such as :

Wordpress Joomla Drupal

  • SiteLock 'Trust Seal'
  • From 500 to 2500 protected pages
  • Internal Website Security Scanning
Up to 500 protected pages

TLS / SSL Certificate

Encrypting data using an SSL / TLS certificate allows you to increase the positioning of your site in search engines (SEO) and protect your customers confidential information.

Theft of personal data or information is a growing plague on the internet. This is why it is essential nowadays to opt for an adequate protection both for the health of your site and to guarantee to your customers that they can trust you, knowing that their data is protected and in good hands.

Protects user privacy

Encryption of the exchanges made between the server and your visitors to protect all the sensitive data.

Better position in search engines

Search engines such as Google favor sites with an SSL certificate. Secure sites get a higher ranking then sites without an SSL certificate.

Increased user confidence

Gain visitors confidence by removing the mention "not secure" by a padlock in the address bar of your internet browser.

Help make the web safer

You don't leave your house or your car unlocked? So why would you leave your site / business at risk? Contribute to a safer web now.

Installation & maintenance SSL

We take care of everything, everything, everything ... so you don't have to!

A turnkey solution designed for customers currently hosted by Astral Internet in an ECO, PLUS, PRO or DEV package.

  • Issuance and installation of SSL by our team.
  • Integration of the certificate in the programming of your site.
  • Creation of a redirection of HTTP traffic to HTTPS.
  • Compliance verification carried out every two months.
  • Reinstall and adjust as needed.

C$59.00 /year


You are not hosted by Astral Internet? Here is the perfect certificate for you:

GeoTrust RapidSSL at the cost of 59.00 C$ /year.

Consult the complete list of SSL certificates

You have a different or very specific need? Browse the full list of different certificates we offer, classified according to the following 3 popular brands:

GeoTrust certificates

GeoTrust stands out for having SSL certificates for all types of sites. Whether you have a small site or an online store, you will surely find what you are looking for. Their certificates also offer liability insurance starting at 5,000 USD. Quick to issue and easy to install, GeoTrust certificates, an essential choice!

See the complete list here.
Comodo certificates

Comodo offers you a wide range of SSL certificates, all with insurance starting at 10,000 USD. These certificates are also quick to obtain and easy to install. They are also intended for all types of sites, small or large.

See the complete list here.
Symantec certificates

Symantec SSL certificates are perfect for large businesses or those with very specific needs. As a bonus, they offer daily protection against malware with all their certificates. You will also get a Norton protection seal for your site. Liability insurance starts at 1,000,000 USD. Yes, serious protection for serious companies!

See the complete list here.