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Having the ability to count the number of times a specific word appears inside a web page can prove to be an extremely practical tool to ensure that certain keywords are present and prominently displayed in your pages.

The « word counter for web page » tool also allows you to compare multiple pages. This information is often essential, especially for bloggers or SEO experts, when new content needs to be created. The word counter of web page allows to quickly compare the words present on your page with the words present in a similar page of a competitor for example.

Using the word counter is very simple, you just have to enter the full addresses of the pages you want to compare and then click on the « Count » button. (Note: Go to the page to compare and copy the URL in the address bar) To add more than one page to the word counter, just click on the « + » symbol. You can write up to three different web addresses at the same time in the word counter. Once the search has been completed, the number of occurrences of each word present in the pages will be displayed, starting with the predominant word, then the following. Only words of 2 letters or more will be displayed. You can however adjust this according to the minimum length of the words to be taken into consideration, by clicking on « Advanced parameter » once your search is completed.

Whether out of curiosity or to improve your SEO, this tool is offered to you free of charge by the Astral Internet team.