Phone call vs email

Much of modern business is conducted without ever having to speak to another live person. To a large extent, emails and texts have replaced phone calls and written correspondence. While email in particular simplifies and expedites a lot of business communications, there are some situations where only a phone call will do.

Advantages of sending an email

Emails are quicker and less personal than phone calls, which makes them the preferred means of communication in many cases. They eliminate the need to make chit-chat and allow you to get straight to the important matter at hand.

Email is the best communication method for situations such as sending someone a brief note or asking a quick question. Emails are also good supplements to phone calls; for instance, you use an email to follow up with someone after a phone call. Sending an email:

  • Saves time
  • Doesn’t inconvenience others – can be sent any time of day
  • Is less stressful for introverts
  • Communicates only the essential information
  • Keeps a record of communications
  • Keeps track of important details
  • Allows you to multitask – you can send an email while also doing something else

Advantages of making a phone call

Phone calls are a more personal and direct form of communication. A phone call (if not a face-to-face meeting) is usually necessary for discussing important matters. They remind the person you’re communicating with that you’re a human being and not a “bot” – which is often important in the world of sales, where automated emails are sent out regularly. They also demonstrate sincerity and friendliness. A phone call:

  • Is taken more seriously than an email
  • Can’t be lost or overlooked like an email
  • Conveys your tone, which can be misconstrued in writing
  • Is better for discussing complex matters
  • Is more appropriate for discussing sensitive subjects

How using the phone more often can help you build a more loyal clientele

A lot of the time, people send emails when they should really make a call. Because emails are easier, people often use them as a crutch for when they don’t feel like chatting. However, if you run any kind of business, it’s important that you pick up that phone every so often.

Because they are a more personal and direct means of communication, phone calls help you build a good rapport with clients. If your clients feel like they know you personally and that you take them seriously enough to call them on the phone, you can form a much stronger business relationship with them then you can via email.

By calling someone, you’re letting them know that they’re worth the extra time and effort it takes to call them vs. send them an email. And in today’s hectic, multitasking world where it’s practically impossible to get anyone’s undivided attention, this says a lot.

For those whose telephone skills have gotten a bit rusty, check out this resource on telephone etiquette for making and answering calls.

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