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Every idea needs the perfect domain name

Finding the perfect domain name for your business starts here.

Why do you need a domain name?

The domain name is the first thing your customers will remember about your business. This is the first step in an effective advocacy strategy for your brand. Your domain name will be displayed in your e-mail addresses, business cards, social networks and more importantly, your domain name will also represent your website.

Claim your domain

Take possession of your domain name. Realize your big ideas or business plans and get attention.

Protect your idea

Register a domain name automatically prevents someone else from using the same name as long as it belongs to you.

Build your image

Owning a domain name will give you the opportunity to have a professional-looking address for your online reputation - wether it a blog, an email address, an online store or simply a personal website.

Here are some popular options to help you get started

The following domain extensions are the most popular at the moment:

Can not find what you are looking for? Need more options?

Discover all our available domain names

With so many choices, it's obvious that Astral Internet is one of the best domain name providers in Canada.

  • All (141)
  • gTLD (129)
  • Popular (121)
  • Country (8)
  • Geography (7)
  • Geographical (4)
  • Community (1)
  • Hot (1)
  • Specialty (9)
  • Sponsored (5)
  • Education (2)
  • Featured (40)
  • Lifestyle (8)
  • Arts and Entertainment (6)
  • Business (12)
  • Interests (16)
  • Food and drinks (9)
  • Shopping (22)
  • Novelty (9)
  • Services (37)
  • Real Estate (7)
  • Hobbies (11)
  • Technology (8)
  • Money and Finance (2)
.ca C$34.95 /year
.quebec C$49.95 /year
.tv C$74.95 /year
.ws C$44.95 /year
.co C$44.95 /year
.me C$39.95 /year
.ch C$24.95 /year
.de C$19.95 /year

Can not find the domain you need? There is more!

As one of the leaders in web hosting Canada, we know that having a lot of quality choices is important, which is why we literally offer hundreds of different domain names to choose from.

Promote your position with your domain

Perfect for promoting your local business. Most people research for 'product + location'. Catch your .ca domain for Canada or go even more local with a .quebec domain to reduce the search time for your customers.

An easy-to-remember web address

Take advantage of new domain extensions and create a web address that your customers will remember easily. With several domains like .club, .cafe, .shop etc. you are sure to find the perfect match for you.

Do not limit yourself to classic domains

There are so many different domains available that you no longer have to limit yourself to the classic .com. Take a chance and try various options until you find the perfect address for you.

More domains

Subsequently? Here's what you can do for your domain

Once you have an excellent domain name, it's time to share the good news.

Explore your domain

Become social with your domain

Make it easier for potential customers to find you on social media. Point your domain name to your LinkedIn profile and place your address in your resume. Point your domain on your YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter feed and personalize your social media.

Build an attractive business profile

Use your new domain name to improve the presence of your online business. Create professional email addresses that you'll be proud to share with your customers and use them for your corporate website and online store.

Invest in your domain name

If you have a flair for what will be trendy soon, you can invest in promising domain names. Buy them now and resell them later with profit.


Making your information private will eliminate domain spamming and protect you against some stalkers.

Protection ID

The problem

When registering your domain name, you must enter your information (name, address and phone number). This information is subsequently published in a public database called « Whois » as required by the domain name registration authority such as ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers).

Several robots and spammers are monitoring this database in real time to collect the email addresses and phone numbers of new registrants and use them to sell new services or to attempt scams.

The solution

For each domain, you can buy the « Protection ID » service. Your information as the legitimate owner of the domains will be securely kept and a « Private information » mention will be posted in the public database « Whois » so that nobody can retrieve your information and annoy you.

It's time for our Canadian web hosting expert to answer some frequent questions!

Did not find the answer you were looking for? No problem, simply contact us through our contact form and our team of Canadian support experts will find the answer for you!

Why do I need a domain name? 1 Why do I need a domain name?

Domain names are meant to make our life easier on the internet. In fact, the Internet uses so-called IP addresses to communicate between servers, but remembering an individual IP address is not an easy task for a human being. Here is where the domain names come into play. They are much easier to remember and will help your friends and potential customers find your website in the blink of an eye.

How to choose a domain name? 1 How to choose a domain name?
  1. Decide on the domain extension you would like to use. The extension is the part at the end of the web address, like '.com', '.net', '.info', '.org', etc. There are several different extensions that can be used, for example, you could use a '.ca' extension to indicate that your business is in Canada.
  2. Think about what you want to have before the dot. This should represent your business, business field or whatever in relation to the usage you want on your website.
  3. Check if your domain idea is available with the form at the top of the page. We will check quickly and tell you if it is available. We will also show you other domain names that may interest you.
  4. Choose one or more domains, add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. Once done, you will be the proud owner of your domain name. Nobody will be able to use this domain name for as long as it is registered to you.
What makes a good domain name? 1 What makes a good domain name?

There are some rules that can help you make your domain name more popular.

  1. Catchy and easy to remember. You can use your business name as a domain name (or some do the opposite, they find a domain name and then choose their business name), for people; use your name.
  2. Short and simple. Short names are easier to remember than long names. Try to make it as short as possible.
  3. Choose it local. For a local business, try using a local extension. For example, having a .ca domain for a Canadian company will make it easier to conduct searches by your customers.
  4. Avoid special characters. It's possible to have numbers as well as some special characters in a domain name, but they could cause problem. For the numbers, it is possible that someone hearing your domain name is not sure whether to write « 6 » or « six ». Special characters usually give the addresses a less professional look.
  5. Protect your name. Sometimes it is better to have more than one domain. The more popular your site becomes, the more copiers will try to reduce traffic to your site. Registering badly written domains will help prevent this problem.
  6. Stay away from brands or copyrights. Even if a domain is available, you should stay away from trademark or copyright domain names. Having such a name could possibly lead to legal problems.
Are there any restrictions on domain names? 1 Are there any restrictions on domain names?

There are some restrictions in connection with the registration of a domain name.

  1. A domain name can only contain letters, numbers, and hyphens. Any other characters are not allowed in a domain name. (It is however possible to register domains with accents such as éàôôî, etc. however this type of domain requires a special registration method. If you are interested in this type of domain, please contact Astral Internet)
  2. You can not use hyphens at the beginning or end of a domain name.
  3. There is a minimum length and a maximum to respect. Domain names must be between 3 and 63 characters long.
Are there any usage restrictions on domain extensions? 1 Are there any usage restrictions on domain extensions?

With some domain extensions (like .com), there are no restrictions on usage, but other domain extensions have some restrictions. For example:

  1. The .mobi extension was created for mobile devices. Thus, any site using the .mobi extension must be a mobile site.
  2. Some extensions require special permissions to be used such as .gouv (government), .edu (school or university) and .mil (military).
  3. The majority of Top-Level Country Domains (ccTLDs) are not available for purchase by anyone. Often, you must be a citizen of the country in question in order to register it. This is particularly the case of .ca
Can I transfer my domain name to Astral Internet? 1 Can I transfer my domain name to Astral Internet?

Of course! There is no extra charge to transfer your domain name with us. Our technical support team is available at all times to help you if you encounter problems during the transfer process.

Why should I transfer my domain name to Astral Internet? 1 Why should I transfer my domain name to Astral Internet?

We have been in the Canadian web hosting industry for almost 20 years and have gained a great deal of expertise on everything related to online clouds, including domain name management.

With Astral Internet, you will enjoy several benefits such as:

  1. Free lockdown of your domain name to prevent unauthorized transfer.
  2. Several complementary features such as protecting your information to prevent spammers, crooks and identity thieves from gaining access to your personal information.
  3. Prices in Canadian dollars. Since our hosting company is located in Canada, all our prices are in Canadian dollars, saving you up to 30% compared to our competitors who often charge in USD.
  4. High level technical assistance. We do not outsource our support staff. We proudly offer 24/7 technical assistance by our Canadian-based experts.
I already have a domain name; can I still host my site at Astral Internet? 1 I already have a domain name; can I still host my site at Astral Internet?

The short answer is: yes.

The long answer is: absolutely! Our web hosting plan in Canada are 100% compatible with any domain name, no matter where it is located. All you have to do is point the entries of the « nameservers » that will be provided to you in your product welcome email after the purchase of an hosting plan.

Do web hosting plan include a domain name? 1 Do web hosting plan include a domain name?

Domain names and web hosting are two completely separate services. The majority of our packages do not include a domain name, but you should always keep an eye on our website for promotions and discounts.

How can I change domain « DNS »? 1 How can I change domain « DNS »?

All our domains can be managed from your own client portal. On your portal portal, simply select the « Domains » menu and you will see all available options for managing your name servers, contact information and more.

Is a domain name registration a purchase or lease? 1 Is a domain name registration a purchase or lease?

When you register a domain name, as long as you pay the annual renewal fee on time, you remain the legitimate owner of that domain name. You can do what you want with it. Use it, keep it for future use, sell it to others, etc.

What are your name servers? 1 What are your name servers?

Being a major web hosting company in Canada, we have several types of servers and products that require separate name servers. Unfortunately, we can not list here which name servers should be used specifically for your product. The best place to check is in the « Account Information » email that was sent to you when you purchased your hosting plan. Otherwise, you can always contact our technical support team through your client portal and we will be happy to provide you with the specific information for your needs.

Special characteristic with the .CH domains 1 Special characteristic with the .CH domains

This type of domain has characteristics that are different from other domains and requires activation of the "auto-renew" mode. Once your purchase has been made, open a technical support ticket through your client portal and ask to activate the « auto-renew » mode. If this option is not activated, your domain will not be able to renew, even if your renewal payment has been made on time. Normally, 15 to 10 days before the scheduled expiration, the domain will become inactive and will be removed from the registry, which will result in high costs for recovery, if any. In "auto-renew" mode, the domain will be renewed every year, automatically. In the event of cancellation, you must notify Astral Internet by technical support ticket at least 15 days before the scheduled expiration in order to avoid your payment obligations.

Special characteristic with the .DE domains 1 Special characteristic with the .DE domains

This type of domain is automatically renewed at expiration. In case of cancellation, you will need to notify Astral Internet by technical support ticket so that a cancellation consent form will be sent to you. You must return this duly completed form to us at least 15 days before the planned expiry of the domain in order to avoid your payment obligations.

Special conditions

Special introductory price are only valid for the first year. The renewal of the domain will be made at the current rate unless mentioned otherwise. Domains will automatically renew until canceled. You can disable the automatic renewal feature in your Astral Internet client portal.