Boost Your Website with CloudFlare


Boost Your Website with CloudFlare

After many months of hard work, we are proud to announce that Astral Internet is now an optimized partner with CloudFlare. With this new partnership we will be able to provide new tools to help you propagate and protect your site all over the globe.

Speed Up Your Site Loading Time and Increase Visibility

With our new partnership with CloudFlare your site will have the opportunity to be powered by up to 76 worldwide data center. The static content of your website (images, styling, JavaScript, etc.) will be kept on each of those servers, the dynamic content (HTML, PHP, etc.) will be sent from Astral Internet servers. This process is called a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

CloudFlare Netword Map

To better understand the impact that such a service can have on your site, here are two examples:

Example 1:

A client from Australia is currently visiting your website. With the current structure, the entire content of your website will need to cross the Americas and the Pacific Ocean before arriving to the destination. This will rise the loading time of your website. By using CloudFlare, all the statics content will already be in Sydney and Melbourne. Therefore only the dynamic content will need to cross the Americas and the Pacific Ocean.

In this example, about 40% of the site content will be served from our servers and 60% will be served from a local server in Australia, thus making the loading time much faster.

Example 2:

Someone from Montreal is browsing on your site. Currently, 100% of all requests made on your website will be handled by our hosting servers. By using the CloudFlare services, the request will be split between our servers and CloudFlare servers.

We can compare the above example of a highway. Without CloudFlare, the entire traffic will have to share a single lane to get to its destination. With CloudFlare enabled, you’re now on a two-lane highway. They’re a lot less risk of a bottle neck on a two lane than on a one lane.

Secure Your Website

When you have an online website, you need to keep in mind the security of your site. The free CloudFlare services integrate a solution to improve the security of your site.

Advanced Filtering

The CloudFlare services will also filter every incoming request made to your site. This free service will filter all requests and will block known malware and bot traffic before they even arrived on your site.

Free SSL Certificate

In our partnership terms with CloudFlare we’ve managed to arrange a free website certificate (SSL/TLS) to all websites that subscribes with CloudFlare services.

We know that Google is actively trying to make the web safer by giving better ranking to secure website. Therefore the installation of an SSL certificate on your site can only help your search engine optimization effort.

CloudFlare Free SSL

Note: We strongly suggest using an SSL/TLS certificate with higher security grade if you are dealing with online transactions.

Down Time Protection

Adding to all the preceding advantages, the CloudFlare servers will keep a complete copy of your website. If we have to run a maintenance on our servers and CloudFlare notice that your site is no longer online, it will automatically show the copy it had taken to your client.

In the free package, CloudFlare copies will be updated every 7 days.

How much does it cost?

All the service mentioned above are completely free for Astral Internet clients. The activation of CloudFlare services can be made directly from your web hosting control panel (cPanel).

If you have any difficulties activating the services, contact us by phone and we will be happy to assist you.

You will find complete instruction on activating your CloudFlare product here.